Why a writer wants to write by Jitu Das

I have seen the film 'Hugo' recently. Surely one of the best film I have ever 
seen . Its like watching what you have always wanted. Cinematography can really make a film great. In this film the  connection  of the character are for a great reason to show us the importance of human interaction with each other. This film tells many nonsuch things. It tells not to live alone. How sad it is to be alone. Thats why social networks are in great success. Humans are highly socially active naturally. Every human being needs a family, even though he has a family he seeks for friendship. May be thats why facebook is interesting than twitter. Where you can make friends. The humans are the most intelligent sensitive, emotional, skilled. Infact we feel, think and talk about it with others.Some people see things with more details and emotion. Some people couldn't stop thinking. Their minds are always full of thoughts of numerous type. And the thoughts are not their minds are always full of thoughts of numerous type.and the thoughts are not meant to stay any longer.They come and go with the speed of light.writers ofcourse see and feel about aanything froma  fallen leaf to the beauty of a woman
ther are many advantage of writer._
1. Respect : people respectwriters for writing about human feelings.people like writers for being honest about themselves.

2. Money:- writers can make money from writing.Selling novels, movie scripts etc.

Advantage of writing :-
1. clearing the voices or thoughts ;the most important par why writers write is simply cleaning out the thoughts from their head writing them down. Every writers writes for clearing their thoughts.

2.Writing about their feelings helps any person feel good.I mean for a while thier mind find peace.

3. Writing is also  a good exercise to  for keeping the brain fresh and sharp.Writing is also great hobby.Thats why blogging is famous today.

4.Everyone feels, thinks,analyze about their environment and society and then come to an conclusion in thier mind.when the conclusions are wrote down, it could help other people to solve their problems.Scientists are like that. They thinks,analyse about their nvironment, they discover and invent new things because of their curiosity. Eienstein  said himself that his success was because of his curiosity.He  worked 10 years for findind solution and  succeeded .Its all about way of your looking at anything.

5.Writing is one of most easy way to sort out things.We can't remember everything.Writing help the people who have  Alzheimer   or memmory loss.

6.Writing could also wonderful it is a poem, poems are one of the beautiful virtual things in the world.

7.Since writing has started humans are progreesing because scientist wrote down what the experimented or what they found,We can learn about history because of history writers.Scientis works kept progressinf fom generation to genration.From newton to Einstein,Einstein to Stephen Hoking, and from them to you and me.

8.Writing is awork of frredom,fanatsy, reality and imagination.Writing good literature is a hard job.Poems too are not easy to write if it doesn't flow by itself. 

9.Writing help people to capture their feeling in their different time of life.Thats called witing diarY.Autobiography is also same but they are usually wriien in a old age.Simply autobiography is the most imporatant parts of all the diaries the person wrote.


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