The Problems of Me generation1992 by Jitu Das philosophy

                                                1. Problems of the my "Me"  generation

I do not know why my generation and the younger gen. do not believe in one love. May be its because there is so possibilities. My generation does not sleep well, it is because of the limitless possible ways to spend time, on the internet, its a page among millions of page. Everywhere you got choose. There are many options in every menu. Menu of a mobile, tv, restraunt etc. You have to make a choice and if you want to make a right you will get stuck like me, because from a lot of thinking, reading and watching movies, I have come to believe that there is no right way except the instinct's way. Do you know what is the name of my genration, its called me me generation. The generation I am in cares about themselves much more than any previous generation have ever did.

                                                   2.  My parent's generation

 There is a great difference between the time when my father was at my age and now where I am. I talk a lot with my fathes. He has all these amazing stories of the people he knew and now. He tells the stories of the people of his village where he was born. When I asked my father about his dream career. He said that getting a good job was a big dream for a young man in a place so undeveloped like Gati, a village nearby the world heritage site Manas national park in Assam. Well he founded a school in his own land and became the head teacher. That time was different and even though we usually like to think that the previous generation had it easy, well it is not true. It had been always   competitive  around our planet earth. You got to be better and evolve so that your next  generation  survives. When I look at my parents I see peace in them. Why couldn't I have that peace ! May be it comes with age. As Satyanath Bora, one of my favourite  Assamese  writer said that he found peace when he got where his enemies anger, lust, greed,jealousy became weaker and he found peace. I can not wait to get old to find inner peace.
                                                3. How do I find my little peace ?

 There is a way by which I find peace and the way I am going right now this very moment. Guessed what ? Its the writing. I have never found more peace in anything else except watching good films, listening music. But when I am watching a movie or listening to a music, I am not doing nothing on my own. Other than writing I love photography. What I want to say in this post that this generation I was born is filled with limitess choices. There are thousands of career in the world. 

                                          4.How do you know what is the right career choice ? 

Of course  you have to know what you love and want most for sure. You can love manything, but is there anything specific that you love that gives you peace. It is the same with life partner too. You must find someone who gives you love and most of all peace in heart.

                                             5.  How do someone gives you peace ?

 Someone can give you peace just standing by and understanding what you say verbally or nor verbally and responding to them. Technolngy is not bad, it was made by human to make life more easy and comfortable. Now you do not press the keys with your right thumb, you just have to touch it. And what can I say about social interaction in a global system. We are all connected. It's like one big brain, and the people are the neuron cell connecting or disconnecting sending news to each other. But too much is very bad. 

                                                6.  There is a cometition in everything.

 Students compete with grades. Cricketers compete with runs or wickets. Company competes with their product. Countries competing with each other with nuclear power.As a humankind we are competing with our own yesterday. But yesterday may seem inferior to today, but without yesterday we would never  reached  today. That is why as we grow older, past seems more glowing even it was hard and painful. But it should because life is now or never. 

                                                    7.  The right girl for me !

There is so many things to do nowadays. Its like if you are not doing this and that you are wasting your life. Its like if I do not have one or two girlfriend I am just totally wasting my youth. I do not know ! Maybe they are right and maybe not. I just never found the right girl, I do not want a perfect girl. I just need a girl who just loves and understands me verbally or non-verbally. I believe that there is no right way to follow excepts the instinct's way. That is what I follow which may or may not take me where I wanna be. Since there is no way to know future and I do not what is the right way, I must follow my instinct as it is the only that is available and I hope it works out all well. 

Future of the world, technology and mankind by Jitu Das philosophy

                                                             ARTICLE - 145

    1. Chinese young couple and Iphone

There is nothing wrong with buying a HDTV over SD TV, because SD TV hurts the eyes and now Uhd TVs are also available. But technology no matter how much latest it is, but you can not sell your kids, kidney to have the latest iphone or lumia or an android. 
A month ago a young Chinese couple sold their baby daughter in 5000 $ to buy iphone.
I know one or two couple does not represent the mentality of every young couple in case of having a child.If that happens to everyone. 

                                                2. What will happen to future humankind ?

 Maybe there will be humanoid robot mother taking care of human child. Maybe every future baby will born in robot surrogate mothers ? I know the future will be something that is beyond what we can think of now.Because anytime a new invention may pop up and change the word. There are more than 700 crore people on earth, every young is filled with possibilities. 

                                               3. Economy of China v/s India

Thirty years the economics of China was similar to India and now they have become the 2nd most economically powerful country in the world. Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Shanghai became that in 20 years. Every weak 10,000 people come to Shanghai from the villages to live in a city. India is also developing new cities. India is one of the world's most fasted growing country and yet our India is a 3rd world. I feel a great deal of pain about that. 

                                               4. My town Pathsala

My town Pathsala is also changing. Pathsala has become a great  center  of education in Assam, the northeast state of India. Students from all over Assam come here study undergraduate, graduate courses. All student with different background of religion,race or castes come here to study. Thus population of my town is increasing. So, the town is expanding and nearby villages will soon to be included in Pathsala town. Who knows ?  One day  there will be no more villages. Because more than half of the total population, in number which is more than 350 crore people live in cities of the world.
                                                5.Hong -Kong buildings

 In Hong Kong more than 50 lac people live above 4 th floor. These people can live without touching their feet in land if they do not wan to. Because there is bazaar, school, park, playground everything above the land. All buildings are connected to each other bridges. Anyway I wouldn't have knew or could have believe that if I did not have seen the documentary Generation earth in Discovery channel.

                                                  6. Future of World

One day everyone shall be living in a city as big as the world. But wouldn't that destroy the animals and plants. Before the engineers design the city they must think about the natural world. We are all living in a man made world. Man have created an entire of his own.He even created virtual world. If you are reading this in a page of Internet, then you are already in a virtual world of Internet. The Internet that kicked the progress button of mankind. Like any other invention did before, radio, telephone,television, mobile and Internet.

                                                   7.  Development  of  Gadgets  

 We had our first telephone when I was in class 3 or 4, when I was about 10 years old in the year 2000. It was a beautiful telephone. My brother and I used to run to pick up the phone whenever it rang. 13 years ago people used to come to our home to make a call. And now everybody has a mobile of different kinds Java, symbian, android or smart etc. But I am looking forward for more new types. It is so interesting just to look around, which makes me always wonder what a world human has made. If you have never feel the greatness of mankind that created a world of his own and we call it man made world.

                                                    8. Astrobiology and a new planet for us

If you are wondering why I saying all this to you. Let me tell you that I am a futurist. I like to think about the future world. Evolution of human mind is so interesting and promising that, no matter what I believe that human will live forever. There are many scientists working on this very moment about finding out a world similar to our planet. The study is called astrobiology that deals with the searching for life in other planet in this vast universe or should I call it a multiverse. Many people gets too panic to think or talk about that. I used to get panic too, but now I do not. I do not want the whole truth now. We must be patient.

Why you should follow your instincts by Jitu Das philosophy

           ARTICLE - 144 
                  Should you follow your instinct ?

Trusting instinct is not surrendering to destiny. The people who does not dream or follow their in the way instincts are always saying, they are the one who are afraid, lazy. They do nothing and thinks that it is their fate . I believe in f...ate, but the fate that man create by his thoughts. Following instincts is not possible for people who are not curious. Reading the little signs in everyday life, one must follow his dream. Following the dream is not surrendering to fate but creating fate on your own. But the creating fate of your own is based on what you want. Your desire creates your world. It is the law of attraction. It feels magical and yet I believe it to be logical. If I think about where I am now, I find that its the little things that changed my life.So just follow your instinct you will never regret. Because I have followed my instinct and I am glad of doing everything I did. Life is too short waste it by  regretting.All you could do is follow your instinct that shows you the way when the road is misty.Know that future is always uncertain.You can only hope but not plan.But if your will is strong,things start to work out  the way you dreamed for. As Paulo Coelho said- When you want something,all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. That is true.Law of attraction works.Believe. 

Our life is much more larger than we think. We just don't realize how great and amazing our life. We take it for granted. Most people do not learn from the changes of his life and environment. Some are happy being ignorant. Some people have nothing good to say about others. They were the bullies in school and somehow they remain rude all their life. I do not know how could they ? Some people are dreamers and yet they just do not have the will or desire to make it come true. Some people have no dream, even if they have they hide it so deep that even they forget that they ever had any dream. Everybody should follow their own dream, not their parent's dream.  Everybody  has a different dream. I have a dream that one day people will talk more about good things than bad things. I have a dream one day people get wise enough to see the value in what they really want.

                                 What would happen if everyone follows their dream ?

There was a conflict within me that if every body follows their dream and gets what they want, what will happen in the world ? Would not the resources run out ? I have thought a lot about that. I think that if you want to be good and do good, then there is always a place for you, because there is always a need of goodness instead of badness. If everybody wants to be good at something ? What will happen then ? Some people says that if everybody in the world become good, then the world will disappear ! That is just absurd thinking. 

Do you know that a piano have 5000 parts in it and if just one part does not work properly, then the piano sounds bad. Think about the world as a piano and these 5000 parts as the people. How the man made world sounds to you. Does it sound good to you ? Is there peace everywhere around the world. There may not be peace everywhere, but the future is very bright, I know it in my belly. We are heading to live in much more peaceful world. I have a dream that one day all the people sing, dance, drink, and dance without being shy. People would love each other by letting go their ego. People would live a passionate life trusting their instincts.

                                                     A realization of what made this me.

Two days a realization has come to about how I happen to be me what I am now. Was it my fate ? I do not know. But I think there is something called instinct, desire or force that drives your life in a direction that separtates your life from your brother or sister even though you lived in the same house and were brought by ake parents. 
Its the little or the tiniest things you did or event that happened to you is the cause for what you are now or maybe your life was designed by the embryo you were. Maybe it is the genes that give characters to children. Characters like curiosity, aspirations, kindness, shyness, ego etc. The height, color, face and everything they were coded inside the genes which were produced by the couplation of the sperm and egg of your parents. A gene is a part of the DNA. DNA is the genetic material of life, except it is the RNA incase of bacteria. 

So, you did not learn or acquired all the charcters that makes you who you are. But still I ask was this a fate ? To know that we must first answer what is fate ? In hinduism fate means the written plan of life for a person by God Brahma, who has three heads and who creates the universe( Bramha ).
But the genes you have now were carried by a specific sperm who reached the egg first, while thousands of other sperm cell did compete in the swim but did not reached the egg and died, you could have been someone else if a different sperm reached the egg first. 
Anyway, I am just glad who I am, I do not want to someond else. I am winner, I mean the characters I have were carried by a sperm cell who swimmed fast and won that race of life. In this darshana( view) everybody has the potential to win since they have won in it in the ovary !

When will world peace come ? by Jitu Das


                                                        1.  Do you have a dream ?

Everyone should have a dream. It does not where you are from or how old you are . You can dream about anything. You can dream about the world peace. You can dream of a happy family, happy neighbour. You can dr...eam about anything you want. But remember that dreams comes true if you dream it from your heart. Dream good too. A dream is a greater version of hope and hope is what keeps life curious and interesting. Curiosity to learn how man made the world, curiosity about the people from the different countries of the world. I have a great curiosity about how human have evolved to be so amazing. Don't you dream of visiting the beautiful places around the world.

                                                       2. What is the best way to live ?

That question is the root of philosophy. How a human should live in this 21st century. I think and feel that we should concentrate on these things in life to live best -

                                                    3.. Passion, dream and interest.

One must follow his dream, the dreams that only seems impossible when one thinks about,not when one feel about it.
                                                   4.. Family and friends and people.

 We can not live without society. Society is not perfect and it may never will be. But to change the society in a good, harmonious way, you must first be that good, dynamic person. Dynamic because society is dynamic. Family is one of the most important part of your life. But family is also not perfect. The members of your family may not understand you completely about what you want. But you can not blame them. Do you understand what they want in life ? Are you helping them to get what they want ? If yes, then you are doing a great work even though you do not know. If not, then you should. Every head of the happy family is a great man or woman. To have a happy, you must stop judging others for the mistakes and imperfection. You must praise them for all of good things they did or do. We take it for granted , the great service our family provides us. Many  children  thinks it the duty of the parents to brought up them, yes it is. But when these children grow up and make their own money, they should give the love and care to their parents from their heart not with the sense of a duty. Because I feel that every parents love and care for their children  unconditionally, it does not matter why.

                                                   4. When will the world peace come ?

Every person can have a happy family, first he must love the members seeing the goodness in their soul. The age gap does not matter. Every person is a child in inside. There is a child within everyone. That child dreams the impossible. That child sees beauty in sun shine falling in his hand through window. There is a child within you who wants smiles, laugh, sing and dance whthout caring about what would others think. You must love the other people. How can you not feel love and care for others. Do not worry about whom to love or whom to love. Love everyone in the world. There is a great joy in love that is universal. We are all humans. Our race, color, religion, language and culture are maybe different. But hey we are still same human. We feel the same emotion love, kindness, anger, jealousy, lust, freedom, ectasy, sadness, happiness.
Everyone in the world feel that. I love the whole world, don't you love the whole world and all people too ? World peace will come when people will start to care about people more than they care about color, race, religion and language.

Jitu Das's Life and love quotes collection

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My idea of a soul by Jitu Das

My idea of a soul 

I love you not because of your color, race, religion, politics. I love you because you have a good soul.
By soul, I mean the very beliefs of a person that guides him naturally. Soul is the subconscious and it makes a person what he is. I believe that soul is the core of beliefs that impacts our life, even though sometime by doing deeds that we believe as immoral puts scar in our soul. But I believe it strongly that you can be a great soul even though there may be scars in your soul by doing great works. Great works means the works that provides a service to people, which is one of the greatest purpose. 
I love you because I know you do not hurt and yet you protect yourself from the fake love of the world. I love you because you want to good and right.

I think so. Because soul is the part of us that impacts on our decision. If there is good in the subconscious, his or her actions will be good. It develops from our childhood. Family, environment, thoughts, actions etc creates your soul( the subconscious)

How to make right choices in life by Jitu Das philosophy

How to take right choices in life ?

when you are young, the world seems so confusing filled with choices. Its not as easy as choosing biggest piece of cake like I used to do when... I was a kid. 
Your birth was no chosen by you. Your first school was no chosen by you. That is why your early childhood days were easy, because you did not have to take big choices that will later create your life even though you would never even wonder that your life could have been something else. As you grow older, as you become 12 or 13, the world begins to display choices before. Watch T.V., play or study, what you are gonna do. But I have always chosen T.V., because it took me everywhere, to the world of animation to the world of Bollywood. I was so much into Bollywood till I was 15, then I got introduced to world cinemas, Hollywood, French, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and my world became much wider and yet clear. When I was a kid, back then when Mankind entered to 21st century. In 2000, I had not a slightest, tiniest idea that the world was so Awesome. In 2000, I was 9 years old. At that all I knew was school, home , play ground, Disney cartoons, Shaktiman, Jai Hanuman, may be I learned to pray to god ( Rama,Krishna and Shiva ). What was I doing at that time ! I do not remember much, its grainy but some parts are crystal clear. My world was so small when I was a child. What was my hobby back then ! I used to draw a lot. I used to go to sleep early, wake up late and spend my day at school till 3 pm. Then I was brought back home by my father or my elders cousins by bicycle. After eating my lunch, I used to watch a film in DD National( this channel was way better than any Hindi channel there is now in India ) everyday. My favourite heroes were Dharmendra, Jitendra, Mithun, Sunil Setty, Aksay Kumar, Gobinda, Sahrukh Khan. 
At that time, I used to think that my aim was to become a doctor. I wanted to become a doctor until I graduated, Then a wind of change came to my life and my aim was gone and I had no real interest in it. I had no idea my life was going to be so different. As I graduated my high school, I knew something has changed and it was beyond me. I could not figure it out what I want to be in my life. What did I do that I see infinite possibilities ? Now I know that you are not the one who is controlling your life. Is there fate or karma ? How to know that what you are doing now is not your choice ? what if I tell you that everything you do, everything you see happens and the energy that made it happen originates from the Big bang. So, time is passing and time means movements. Our life is moving to one direction. You can not go back. Your choices have already made you who you are and you can not change to undo the impacts of those earlier choices. But what is the right decision to make. You can not know what is the right choice unless you make the choice, because you just can not predict the future and others choice does not help because everyone is different. So, you make a choice and live life. You can not run away from life, you must make a choice. What is the right choice you should take ? Should you dream ? Should you follow your dream ? But what will you need more than anything in the world ? You will need to be alive more than anything in the world. What can keep you alive ? Is it money, love or regrets. Of course it is love that keeps you alive. I an now living well only because of the love of my family. In life, do not worry about what is the right choice you should take as long as you follow your heart to find your true love, it could for anything. Because true love is what keeps us truly alive.

Be honest to yourself.Accept who you are.  No matter  how many people tells you not to dream big. Just because your dreams are bigger for them that does not you have to get scared just because they are scared to dream big. Some days will be very hard, you would feel like you are gonna burst from inside if you do not do something about that. You must then accept who you really are. Most people do not know who they  really  are ,what they really want.

 Do not worry so much who you are because now I have realised that to know what you love is more important than to know yourself.If you know it for sure what you really love then it is more than enough.

Do not worry too much what is the right choice. Always remember that there is not right way, excepts the instincts way. Just follow what you love, do not think or question anymore.Just follow your love, just follow your heart and instinct.You will never regret. Just follow the LOVE that you are sure in your heart,mind and soul.

How I got into Philosophy by Jitu Das Stories


I got into philosophy to find my self. I have no idea what is right choice in life ? When I was 15, a question struck my mind while I was walking on a bridge of bamboo over a small river with a friend. The questio...n was why there is a world and we are in it but why ? What is the purpose of all this. Its been 7 years I am trying to figure out and make a sense out even if it only satisfies me. Then another question changed my life. This question came to me when I was 18 years old. What is reality ? That was the question. What we see is not real, we are human we have evolved to see that way we see now. But other animals sees the world different. Then what is the real color of the objects ? Then I would have forgotten these questions in time. But for me now the greatest question is am I making choices in life ? Am I living well enough ? What is the ideal living ? I want to live and then die ? But what to do with my life ? Possibilities are making me very confuse. Even though, anyway I must figure it out myself. They say that there is a flow of life. I do not know what is this flow of life ? How do I know that I am flowing with life ? Does flowing with life means a easy life or it means agreeing with those who talks about how one should live his life. Life is a one time chance, I do not want it to be perfect, I just want to know what do I really need to be to live in peace. I want peace of mind and body. I do not want to think. But I can not help myself. Maybe I should have never watch so much films, read books or listen music. Maybe I should have never try to know what am I here and what can I do best. But everything that happens with life, can not be just the results of choices we made. There must be something that drives our life and we do not even notice it. We call it fate. If not fate then what ? Am I choosing to write this or some catalyst from the environment is making me do it. Are we just only reacting to the environment. Then everything we did was a reaction of the acts of nature and environment. Its getting cold as the winter comes, we are wearing sweaters, taking heat from fire, wearing blankets etc. Think about it. All you can do react either physically or virtually or in thoughts. You must react.

Paul walker at his age 40 died in fiery car crash on Nov 20, 2013 in Santa Clarita

Paul walker at his age 40 died in fiery car crash yesterday,Nov 20, 2013 in Santa Clarita, at the north of L.A.
He was in porche of the car, the driver lost his control and hit a tree or a post. Sadly both died.

Paul walker was born 12 September 1973.... He did major in Marine biology. His first passion was marine biology. He was an active humanitarian. Yesterday the journey he was also making for a charity event.
I loved the film Eight Bellow, where he was a guide at Antarctic research centre, where due to cold season they have to leave the place immediately and they forget to take eight dogs from there. Paul walker feels guilty when they get home and tries to come back and rescue the dogs. But it was not easy. Meanwhile the dogs protect each other heavy cold season. At last Paul walker and the team comes to rescue the 8 dogs left. It was a beautiful film.
I watched it 3 or 4 years ago.
Paul Walker became world known for the Fast and furious series. FF6 was released in 2013. 
It is a shocking news that he died. Well most accidents are shocking.

Thus, life is not in your hand. You can not control life and death. Even though you can control love and be miserable !
You never know when you are gonna die ! No one knows, no matter who he is, where he is from.
Dying is not so sad, the greatest tragedy is that most people do not make the best of our life. If you want to get something, get it right now. Right now is all you have and it is the best of all time.

Man is mortal. But when someone you knew dies, you feel bad. And if it is accident we get the fear of death. The way Paul walker, anyone can die that way. So it relates to us. The fear spreads faster than anything else. Some may say that why people are talking about the death of Paul Walker and not about the people dying Syria, Gaza etc. In those countries people are dying in war and it is not happening around the world.

But car accidents by what Paul Walker died happens around the world and many people dies. That is why people are reacting to his death. Maybe it is because they can recall someone in their life who died in a car accident.
There is nothing wrong with that.

Love and peace quotes ( Life Quotes part 11) by Jitu Das

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