Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why you should follow your instincts by Jitu Das philosophy

           ARTICLE - 144 
                  Should you follow your instinct ?

Trusting instinct is not surrendering to destiny. The people who does not dream or follow their in the way instincts are always saying, they are the one who are afraid, lazy. They do nothing and thinks that it is their fate . I believe in f...ate, but the fate that man create by his thoughts. Following instincts is not possible for people who are not curious. Reading the little signs in everyday life, one must follow his dream. Following the dream is not surrendering to fate but creating fate on your own. But the creating fate of your own is based on what you want. Your desire creates your world. It is the law of attraction. It feels magical and yet I believe it to be logical. If I think about where I am now, I find that its the little things that changed my life.So just follow your instinct you will never regret. Because I have followed my instinct and I am glad of doing everything I did. Life is too short waste it by  regretting.All you could do is follow your instinct that shows you the way when the road is misty.Know that future is always uncertain.You can only hope but not plan.But if your will is strong,things start to work out  the way you dreamed for. As Paulo Coelho said- When you want something,all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. That is true.Law of attraction works.Believe. 

Our life is much more larger than we think. We just don't realize how great and amazing our life. We take it for granted. Most people do not learn from the changes of his life and environment. Some are happy being ignorant. Some people have nothing good to say about others. They were the bullies in school and somehow they remain rude all their life. I do not know how could they ? Some people are dreamers and yet they just do not have the will or desire to make it come true. Some people have no dream, even if they have they hide it so deep that even they forget that they ever had any dream. Everybody should follow their own dream, not their parent's dream.  Everybody  has a different dream. I have a dream that one day people will talk more about good things than bad things. I have a dream one day people get wise enough to see the value in what they really want.

                                 What would happen if everyone follows their dream ?

There was a conflict within me that if every body follows their dream and gets what they want, what will happen in the world ? Would not the resources run out ? I have thought a lot about that. I think that if you want to be good and do good, then there is always a place for you, because there is always a need of goodness instead of badness. If everybody wants to be good at something ? What will happen then ? Some people says that if everybody in the world become good, then the world will disappear ! That is just absurd thinking. 

Do you know that a piano have 5000 parts in it and if just one part does not work properly, then the piano sounds bad. Think about the world as a piano and these 5000 parts as the people. How the man made world sounds to you. Does it sound good to you ? Is there peace everywhere around the world. There may not be peace everywhere, but the future is very bright, I know it in my belly. We are heading to live in much more peaceful world. I have a dream that one day all the people sing, dance, drink, and dance without being shy. People would love each other by letting go their ego. People would live a passionate life trusting their instincts.

                                                     A realization of what made this me.

Two days a realization has come to about how I happen to be me what I am now. Was it my fate ? I do not know. But I think there is something called instinct, desire or force that drives your life in a direction that separtates your life from your brother or sister even though you lived in the same house and were brought by ake parents. 
Its the little or the tiniest things you did or event that happened to you is the cause for what you are now or maybe your life was designed by the embryo you were. Maybe it is the genes that give characters to children. Characters like curiosity, aspirations, kindness, shyness, ego etc. The height, color, face and everything they were coded inside the genes which were produced by the couplation of the sperm and egg of your parents. A gene is a part of the DNA. DNA is the genetic material of life, except it is the RNA incase of bacteria. 

So, you did not learn or acquired all the charcters that makes you who you are. But still I ask was this a fate ? To know that we must first answer what is fate ? In hinduism fate means the written plan of life for a person by God Brahma, who has three heads and who creates the universe( Bramha ).
But the genes you have now were carried by a specific sperm who reached the egg first, while thousands of other sperm cell did compete in the swim but did not reached the egg and died, you could have been someone else if a different sperm reached the egg first. 
Anyway, I am just glad who I am, I do not want to someond else. I am winner, I mean the characters I have were carried by a sperm cell who swimmed fast and won that race of life. In this darshana( view) everybody has the potential to win since they have won in it in the ovary !