Sunday, November 24, 2013

How I got into Philosophy by Jitu Das Stories


I got into philosophy to find my self. I have no idea what is right choice in life ? When I was 15, a question struck my mind while I was walking on a bridge of bamboo over a small river with a friend. The questio...n was why there is a world and we are in it but why ? What is the purpose of all this. Its been 7 years I am trying to figure out and make a sense out even if it only satisfies me. Then another question changed my life. This question came to me when I was 18 years old. What is reality ? That was the question. What we see is not real, we are human we have evolved to see that way we see now. But other animals sees the world different. Then what is the real color of the objects ? Then I would have forgotten these questions in time. But for me now the greatest question is am I making choices in life ? Am I living well enough ? What is the ideal living ? I want to live and then die ? But what to do with my life ? Possibilities are making me very confuse. Even though, anyway I must figure it out myself. They say that there is a flow of life. I do not know what is this flow of life ? How do I know that I am flowing with life ? Does flowing with life means a easy life or it means agreeing with those who talks about how one should live his life. Life is a one time chance, I do not want it to be perfect, I just want to know what do I really need to be to live in peace. I want peace of mind and body. I do not want to think. But I can not help myself. Maybe I should have never watch so much films, read books or listen music. Maybe I should have never try to know what am I here and what can I do best. But everything that happens with life, can not be just the results of choices we made. There must be something that drives our life and we do not even notice it. We call it fate. If not fate then what ? Am I choosing to write this or some catalyst from the environment is making me do it. Are we just only reacting to the environment. Then everything we did was a reaction of the acts of nature and environment. Its getting cold as the winter comes, we are wearing sweaters, taking heat from fire, wearing blankets etc. Think about it. All you can do react either physically or virtually or in thoughts. You must react.