Thursday, November 28, 2013

Future of the world, technology and mankind by Jitu Das philosophy

                                                             ARTICLE - 145

    1. Chinese young couple and Iphone

There is nothing wrong with buying a HDTV over SD TV, because SD TV hurts the eyes and now Uhd TVs are also available. But technology no matter how much latest it is, but you can not sell your kids, kidney to have the latest iphone or lumia or an android. 
A month ago a young Chinese couple sold their baby daughter in 5000 $ to buy iphone.
I know one or two couple does not represent the mentality of every young couple in case of having a child.If that happens to everyone. 

                                                2. What will happen to future humankind ?

 Maybe there will be humanoid robot mother taking care of human child. Maybe every future baby will born in robot surrogate mothers ? I know the future will be something that is beyond what we can think of now.Because anytime a new invention may pop up and change the word. There are more than 700 crore people on earth, every young is filled with possibilities. 

                                               3. Economy of China v/s India

Thirty years the economics of China was similar to India and now they have become the 2nd most economically powerful country in the world. Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Shanghai became that in 20 years. Every weak 10,000 people come to Shanghai from the villages to live in a city. India is also developing new cities. India is one of the world's most fasted growing country and yet our India is a 3rd world. I feel a great deal of pain about that. 

                                               4. My town Pathsala

My town Pathsala is also changing. Pathsala has become a great  center  of education in Assam, the northeast state of India. Students from all over Assam come here study undergraduate, graduate courses. All student with different background of religion,race or castes come here to study. Thus population of my town is increasing. So, the town is expanding and nearby villages will soon to be included in Pathsala town. Who knows ?  One day  there will be no more villages. Because more than half of the total population, in number which is more than 350 crore people live in cities of the world.
                                                5.Hong -Kong buildings

 In Hong Kong more than 50 lac people live above 4 th floor. These people can live without touching their feet in land if they do not wan to. Because there is bazaar, school, park, playground everything above the land. All buildings are connected to each other bridges. Anyway I wouldn't have knew or could have believe that if I did not have seen the documentary Generation earth in Discovery channel.

                                                  6. Future of World

One day everyone shall be living in a city as big as the world. But wouldn't that destroy the animals and plants. Before the engineers design the city they must think about the natural world. We are all living in a man made world. Man have created an entire of his own.He even created virtual world. If you are reading this in a page of Internet, then you are already in a virtual world of Internet. The Internet that kicked the progress button of mankind. Like any other invention did before, radio, telephone,television, mobile and Internet.

                                                   7.  Development  of  Gadgets  

 We had our first telephone when I was in class 3 or 4, when I was about 10 years old in the year 2000. It was a beautiful telephone. My brother and I used to run to pick up the phone whenever it rang. 13 years ago people used to come to our home to make a call. And now everybody has a mobile of different kinds Java, symbian, android or smart etc. But I am looking forward for more new types. It is so interesting just to look around, which makes me always wonder what a world human has made. If you have never feel the greatness of mankind that created a world of his own and we call it man made world.

                                                    8. Astrobiology and a new planet for us

If you are wondering why I saying all this to you. Let me tell you that I am a futurist. I like to think about the future world. Evolution of human mind is so interesting and promising that, no matter what I believe that human will live forever. There are many scientists working on this very moment about finding out a world similar to our planet. The study is called astrobiology that deals with the searching for life in other planet in this vast universe or should I call it a multiverse. Many people gets too panic to think or talk about that. I used to get panic too, but now I do not. I do not want the whole truth now. We must be patient.