Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to make right choices in life by Jitu Das philosophy

How to take right choices in life ?

when you are young, the world seems so confusing filled with choices. Its not as easy as choosing biggest piece of cake like I used to do when... I was a kid. 
Your birth was no chosen by you. Your first school was no chosen by you. That is why your early childhood days were easy, because you did not have to take big choices that will later create your life even though you would never even wonder that your life could have been something else. As you grow older, as you become 12 or 13, the world begins to display choices before. Watch T.V., play or study, what you are gonna do. But I have always chosen T.V., because it took me everywhere, to the world of animation to the world of Bollywood. I was so much into Bollywood till I was 15, then I got introduced to world cinemas, Hollywood, French, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and my world became much wider and yet clear. When I was a kid, back then when Mankind entered to 21st century. In 2000, I had not a slightest, tiniest idea that the world was so Awesome. In 2000, I was 9 years old. At that all I knew was school, home , play ground, Disney cartoons, Shaktiman, Jai Hanuman, may be I learned to pray to god ( Rama,Krishna and Shiva ). What was I doing at that time ! I do not remember much, its grainy but some parts are crystal clear. My world was so small when I was a child. What was my hobby back then ! I used to draw a lot. I used to go to sleep early, wake up late and spend my day at school till 3 pm. Then I was brought back home by my father or my elders cousins by bicycle. After eating my lunch, I used to watch a film in DD National( this channel was way better than any Hindi channel there is now in India ) everyday. My favourite heroes were Dharmendra, Jitendra, Mithun, Sunil Setty, Aksay Kumar, Gobinda, Sahrukh Khan. 
At that time, I used to think that my aim was to become a doctor. I wanted to become a doctor until I graduated, Then a wind of change came to my life and my aim was gone and I had no real interest in it. I had no idea my life was going to be so different. As I graduated my high school, I knew something has changed and it was beyond me. I could not figure it out what I want to be in my life. What did I do that I see infinite possibilities ? Now I know that you are not the one who is controlling your life. Is there fate or karma ? How to know that what you are doing now is not your choice ? what if I tell you that everything you do, everything you see happens and the energy that made it happen originates from the Big bang. So, time is passing and time means movements. Our life is moving to one direction. You can not go back. Your choices have already made you who you are and you can not change to undo the impacts of those earlier choices. But what is the right decision to make. You can not know what is the right choice unless you make the choice, because you just can not predict the future and others choice does not help because everyone is different. So, you make a choice and live life. You can not run away from life, you must make a choice. What is the right choice you should take ? Should you dream ? Should you follow your dream ? But what will you need more than anything in the world ? You will need to be alive more than anything in the world. What can keep you alive ? Is it money, love or regrets. Of course it is love that keeps you alive. I an now living well only because of the love of my family. In life, do not worry about what is the right choice you should take as long as you follow your heart to find your true love, it could for anything. Because true love is what keeps us truly alive.

Be honest to yourself.Accept who you are.  No matter  how many people tells you not to dream big. Just because your dreams are bigger for them that does not you have to get scared just because they are scared to dream big. Some days will be very hard, you would feel like you are gonna burst from inside if you do not do something about that. You must then accept who you really are. Most people do not know who they  really  are ,what they really want.

 Do not worry so much who you are because now I have realised that to know what you love is more important than to know yourself.If you know it for sure what you really love then it is more than enough.

Do not worry too much what is the right choice. Always remember that there is not right way, excepts the instincts way. Just follow what you love, do not think or question anymore.Just follow your love, just follow your heart and instinct.You will never regret. Just follow the LOVE that you are sure in your heart,mind and soul.