Sunday, November 24, 2013

My idea of a soul by Jitu Das

My idea of a soul 

I love you not because of your color, race, religion, politics. I love you because you have a good soul.
By soul, I mean the very beliefs of a person that guides him naturally. Soul is the subconscious and it makes a person what he is. I believe that soul is the core of beliefs that impacts our life, even though sometime by doing deeds that we believe as immoral puts scar in our soul. But I believe it strongly that you can be a great soul even though there may be scars in your soul by doing great works. Great works means the works that provides a service to people, which is one of the greatest purpose. 
I love you because I know you do not hurt and yet you protect yourself from the fake love of the world. I love you because you want to good and right.

I think so. Because soul is the part of us that impacts on our decision. If there is good in the subconscious, his or her actions will be good. It develops from our childhood. Family, environment, thoughts, actions etc creates your soul( the subconscious)