Thursday, November 21, 2013

Paul walker at his age 40 died in fiery car crash on Nov 20, 2013 in Santa Clarita

Paul walker at his age 40 died in fiery car crash yesterday,Nov 20, 2013 in Santa Clarita, at the north of L.A.
He was in porche of the car, the driver lost his control and hit a tree or a post. Sadly both died.

Paul walker was born 12 September 1973.... He did major in Marine biology. His first passion was marine biology. He was an active humanitarian. Yesterday the journey he was also making for a charity event.
I loved the film Eight Bellow, where he was a guide at Antarctic research centre, where due to cold season they have to leave the place immediately and they forget to take eight dogs from there. Paul walker feels guilty when they get home and tries to come back and rescue the dogs. But it was not easy. Meanwhile the dogs protect each other heavy cold season. At last Paul walker and the team comes to rescue the 8 dogs left. It was a beautiful film.
I watched it 3 or 4 years ago.
Paul Walker became world known for the Fast and furious series. FF6 was released in 2013. 
It is a shocking news that he died. Well most accidents are shocking.

Thus, life is not in your hand. You can not control life and death. Even though you can control love and be miserable !
You never know when you are gonna die ! No one knows, no matter who he is, where he is from.
Dying is not so sad, the greatest tragedy is that most people do not make the best of our life. If you want to get something, get it right now. Right now is all you have and it is the best of all time.

Man is mortal. But when someone you knew dies, you feel bad. And if it is accident we get the fear of death. The way Paul walker, anyone can die that way. So it relates to us. The fear spreads faster than anything else. Some may say that why people are talking about the death of Paul Walker and not about the people dying Syria, Gaza etc. In those countries people are dying in war and it is not happening around the world.

But car accidents by what Paul Walker died happens around the world and many people dies. That is why people are reacting to his death. Maybe it is because they can recall someone in their life who died in a car accident.
There is nothing wrong with that.