Thursday, November 28, 2013

When will world peace come ? by Jitu Das


                                                        1.  Do you have a dream ?

Everyone should have a dream. It does not where you are from or how old you are . You can dream about anything. You can dream about the world peace. You can dream of a happy family, happy neighbour. You can dr...eam about anything you want. But remember that dreams comes true if you dream it from your heart. Dream good too. A dream is a greater version of hope and hope is what keeps life curious and interesting. Curiosity to learn how man made the world, curiosity about the people from the different countries of the world. I have a great curiosity about how human have evolved to be so amazing. Don't you dream of visiting the beautiful places around the world.

                                                       2. What is the best way to live ?

That question is the root of philosophy. How a human should live in this 21st century. I think and feel that we should concentrate on these things in life to live best -

                                                    3.. Passion, dream and interest.

One must follow his dream, the dreams that only seems impossible when one thinks about,not when one feel about it.
                                                   4.. Family and friends and people.

 We can not live without society. Society is not perfect and it may never will be. But to change the society in a good, harmonious way, you must first be that good, dynamic person. Dynamic because society is dynamic. Family is one of the most important part of your life. But family is also not perfect. The members of your family may not understand you completely about what you want. But you can not blame them. Do you understand what they want in life ? Are you helping them to get what they want ? If yes, then you are doing a great work even though you do not know. If not, then you should. Every head of the happy family is a great man or woman. To have a happy, you must stop judging others for the mistakes and imperfection. You must praise them for all of good things they did or do. We take it for granted , the great service our family provides us. Many  children  thinks it the duty of the parents to brought up them, yes it is. But when these children grow up and make their own money, they should give the love and care to their parents from their heart not with the sense of a duty. Because I feel that every parents love and care for their children  unconditionally, it does not matter why.

                                                   4. When will the world peace come ?

Every person can have a happy family, first he must love the members seeing the goodness in their soul. The age gap does not matter. Every person is a child in inside. There is a child within everyone. That child dreams the impossible. That child sees beauty in sun shine falling in his hand through window. There is a child within you who wants smiles, laugh, sing and dance whthout caring about what would others think. You must love the other people. How can you not feel love and care for others. Do not worry about whom to love or whom to love. Love everyone in the world. There is a great joy in love that is universal. We are all humans. Our race, color, religion, language and culture are maybe different. But hey we are still same human. We feel the same emotion love, kindness, anger, jealousy, lust, freedom, ectasy, sadness, happiness.
Everyone in the world feel that. I love the whole world, don't you love the whole world and all people too ? World peace will come when people will start to care about people more than they care about color, race, religion and language.