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Mission Mangal 2019 movie gives Scientist community the much needed appreciation

Mission Mangal is directed by Jagan Shakti, who is known for English Vinglish. What a movie ! Although somethings are filmy about this movie, but in the end the all that matters is the message of the movie. Every Indain will feel proud watching this movie, how India can excel at any field, whether it information technology, space engineering without blindfollowing others.
The much needed appreciation would be felt by the scientists of India. 
Anyway, the end song shaabaashiyaan was the perfect mood booster, meaningfull song of the movie.
Cinematography is beautiful, but the CGI could have been better...
Go watch the movie, especially for Akshay Kumar, he is great....

The Blue Lagoon 1980 movie review by Jitu Das film review

The Blue Lagoon 1980 is a  movie which is now 39 years old, which is too old and it is still has an amazing  fresh vibe to it. The Blue lagoon for me was very relaxing, when I watched Blue Lagoon , I realized how much Blue Lagoon has inspired other films like Danny Doyle's The Beach, the scene in the night where they swim and the bioluminescent  plankton glows, which is one of the  most beautiful scene. That scene of Richard and Emmeline in The Blue Lagoon is mostly same in The Beach, where, the main character is also called Richard ( played by Leonardo DiCaprio) .

The Blue Lagoon  is not at all silly, because it does not have any meaningless  scenes, all the scenes  are for narrative purpose, besides I  liked  the cinematography,  absolutely  gorgeous, if you have watched the Lost  Tv series, where a bunch people get stuck in an island, the cinematography style is very smiliar to The Blue Lagoon, especially the jungle scenes.

The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful  movie, you hardly get to see aesthetically pleasant  movie nowadays, the beautiful teen couple in love in a remote island, filled with birds, iguanas, fish, reef , Dolphins, and spectacular  videography  in the artistic sense, and also a soundtrack just blends in sweetly. 

Coco 2017 movie and Dia De Muerotos, what an Amazing Tradition by Jitu Das film reviews

I agree I should have watched the movie 2 years ago, in 2017. But well, I was not very interested in watching  at that period of my life, I was too obsessed  with TV series then and with my search for what career should I go, I was tired and lost, struggling to get into PhD research  opportunity, anyway it didn't happened, instead I went into teaching, in a College and in my High School, then did join in Teacher's training for last two years and it's about to end. Then I watched Coco today!  And timing couldn't be better. 

Coco is a film for dreamers and not just any dreamer, a dreamer who also love his or her family. Sometimes families don't give you the right push in your desired path.

In Coco, Miguel is a 12 year old who is born in a shoe making family, where music is banned. Music is banned because his great great grand father left his great great aunt. And all this creates a great pressure in Miguel, who wants to be like Ernesto De La Cruz, the famous singer. But things go wrong when his secret desire of being a singer is found out by the family, in his attempt to take  part in the music competition, he end up in the world of dead.....

The movie is too good to be missed by anyone who loves cinema.

It's  message is so beautiful,  which is respecting our ancestors, remembering the dead. On every November  2nd , the day of the dead( Dia De muerotos) . It has been recognised by the the UNESCO as cultural heritage of humanity in 2008.

I absolutely love this Mexican tradition, I wish in our country, India, too people would remember their ancestors for one day. I would definitely  celebrate and remember my grand father, grand mother, the great grandfather... Well I don't remember  anyone before that, there is no photo or any thing to remember them by, I wish I had photos of my ancestors to remember them by....

Dracula 1992 movie review by Jitu Das film review

Dracula 1992 is a true romantic  movie, it is based on Bram Stokers novel Dracula. It's  a master piece by Francis Ford Coppala. 
Everything about the movie is so artistic, the cinematography,  the music.

But what made this so amazing for me was the caste, what a casting !
Keanu Reeves,  Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Winnoa Ryder , Monica Bellucci.. All of these actors made the movie so beautiful. 

Well, Winnoa Ryder was so beautiful  in the movie, she was an innocent  girl, who doubted her goodness, when she was falling for Count Dracula. She played amazing role.

Gary Oldman played the most amazing role. He looked best when he played the role of Prince. 

Keanu Reeves was in his decent look, at a distant. 

But the most amazing character for me was Van Hellsing played by Anthony Hopkins. Anthony  Hopkins is the most energetic man ever, he is so full of energy even when he played the role of Robert Ford.

Dracula is so beautifully made movie which will inspire the next generation of young filmmakers to appreciate the art.


The Double Life of Veronique movie by Jitu Das review

The Double Life of Veronique is an abstract  movie, it is so relaxing,  the mood of the movie is so calm and yet dreamy. The movie is another classic that is very influential to me. It is  one of those film that makes you think, question about what the hell is going on. 

The Double Life of Veronique is not at all boring, and I loved the cinematography. The movie itself is a  visual treatment for the ones who love colour gradient. I love the greenish yellow colour grading of the movie. 

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Peace within is the ultimate you are looking for quotes by Jitu Das quotes 2019

The Number 39 , does it have spiritual meaning ?

I have been seeing this number 39, for more than half a month now. Almost everyday, sometimes randomly, well today I got shocked when I bought a Glucon D, the price was 39 ₹. 
Then I realized I have to search online about the meaning of it and I found what I was looking.

So, According to many numerlogist ,the number 39 means following things -
  • 3 means  creativity
  • 9 means Universal sign of humanitarian work
  • 39 means the ascended masters nearby and supporting you for your desired path.

I wonder why I have never seen this number begore or any number this much !!

Anyway,I like being open minded, open to new ideas !  


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