Before Sunrise 1995 review by Jitu Das film reviews 2021

Before Sunrise - I remember watching this movie in 2010 in World movies. It kind of changed my views on romantic movies, not like bollywood cliches, where there is always villains in the street and boys saving girls from them. It kind of created a automatic response in the mind of Indian mind to act like hero searching for street thugs, which leads to innocent boys getting beaten even when the girl is wrong. 

Anyway, Before Sunrise have such realistic aspect of life, which is kind of beautiful, boy meets a girl in train, they talk to each, something clicks between them. It rarely happens, and when it does, you can't stop talking with the person. They spend the visiting places, restaurant, walking and talking small stuffs about life we almost never talk with anyone. But with the right you talk about these stuff, very little details that may have happened years ago, almost faded in memory. Before sunrise ends with the promise of hope, and the two sequel of the film Before Sunset and Before Midnight is a wholesome treat for cinephiles.
Before trilogy gives a unique movie experience, from youth  to the middle age. No romantic movie series has shown such realism and depth in a relationship. What I liked most about the trilogy is the conversation, walking and being there for each other, supporting and all of it was possible because they loved each other.

Before Sunrise, the movie is ❤️ itself  when it starts to bloom in heart.

Before Sunset film reviews by Jitu Das film reviews 2021

Before Sunset, the sequel to the Before sunrise, one of the most mature movies. Long walks and deep conversations about romanticism, politics and ourselves makes the movie one of most favorite movie. These  movies that are so into realism remains very influential for decades and more. I miss these type of movies about life by Richard Linklater.

Don't look up 2021 review by Jitu Das film reviews 2021

Don't Look up ,a comedy satire which is a near accurate situation of the current world scenario, distracted, scattered into pieces by ideologies, desires.


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