How to remove the mess in your heart and the limitations of the mind by Jitu Das philosophy

If you have ever fell in love with someone or something, no I am not talking about liking , I mean the love that just gets a hold on you, If you are in that kind of love, where you can not stop thinking about it, then know that you are not the only one, and I can understand it totally if it's taking a toll on you and you feel like you can't live without that person. It's all real and these things happen in real life too, not just in movies. All these feelings and thoughts that taking the life out of you and it is real and you can not seem to avoid it. For instance when a relationship is special, when a bond has been made, it's normal to want to be with that person and it's all good until you start fighting these thoughts and feelings, that's when a inner turmoil occurs and you end up in a loop where you are fighting with yourself and there is no end to this. These thoughts are mostly about what if you don't get what you want, you will be a failure in life. But we seem to always forget that life is not only about what you are getting, it is also about what you are giving.

The question is how to get out this mess ?
Well if there is a mess in the outside world ,you can simply get out the place, but how would you run away when your heart is a mess. Nomatter what you try to do, you will end up thinking about it, you will end up trying to live in fantasy. How can one fix this mess in his heart, because this is really sucking out the life from the person ! Our personal desire can make us suffer alot in life if we don't help others or give. Our individual aims makes no sense in the big picture, but if you could somehow managed to see the larger picture of life, you will see there is a lot things that you can do in life , which will create a positive impact in the life of others. What is the greatest joy in life, it is to make a positive impact in others life. In our life, we get the chance to do good for others so many times. Even if you couldn't help everytime, you get enough opportunities to help people and when you help, that is how life gets better. Life doesn't become great when you shut off your innerself from giving and try to do something big. It's not possible if you don't respond and respect your inner self and all the potentially of life. If you don't appreciate yourself and admire for what you are, you will always end up worrying about being accepted or loved by other people. People don't owe you anything, so stop expecting anything and move on towards your goal. Life is going to become meaningless if you are always wasting your time on thinking about whether people love you or not, whether you are receiving love, warm regards, homage from people. If you always expect about receiving, you will end up disappointed, because most people expect receiving and ignore the giving part.

If your heart is a mess right now, this is the most important question you should ask yourself, are you giving your best or are you expecting the best from others ? If you are not giving and only expecting that is why your heart is a mess ! You always know what you have and what you can give to the world, and never doubt that what you want to give isn't good enough. Don't worry about the naysayers, there are so many people whom you can help with your giving. There is always countless opportunities where you can give , where you can lend a hand or give a positive idea which will ultimately set you free from the illusion of limitations that torture you . Your heart is a mess, your mind is filled with same unnecessary thoughts because you have limited yourself in a boundary made by the people's opinions. All of these boundaries are made to contain you from exploring because that is when people feel scared of the possibilities. You have to open your heart and set your mind free from these boundaries, that is how you will find true freedom.

When you deserve something, even if gets delayed, nothing can stop you from getting it by Jitu Das philosophy

The first time you have felt you did deserve something but someone else took it from you, what will you do, will you fight for it, if yes, know that you will not feel great that way. Let me tell you something, from my personal experience, whenever I lose something I deserved, I did not concentrate on getting it, but I let it go mostly because I don't like fighting over small things. You should never fight over small matters because, you always lose more than what you would have get winning these fights.Instead you should focus on getting there where no one can touch you. Because in life, competing with people is a huge mistake and it never leads to a great life. Your competition is always with yourself. Your work in life is to get to a point where you no longer have to fight for what you deserve, because at that point there is no one stop you from what you deserve and that is called success in life, where good things fly towards you and all you have to receive and enjoy.

The question is how to get there, how to achieve true success where you no longer need to fight for things you deserve. But first you have to work hard and focus on your goal, because there is no shortcut, there is no alternative to hard work and complete dedication. Wishful thinking alone never leads you there, you have to get out there, you have to walk the path towards your goal, nomatter how far it may seem, it is possible if you keep walking the path towards your goal giving all you have. But here is the thing, hard work is not going to be enough in the long run, you may go towards your dream for a while, but all the pain and hurt will stop you. Hard work isn't enough, you need enjoyment in the whole process. So you are doing hard work to reach your destination, but there is no enjoyment in the process, you will never reach far. But if you are enjoying your every moment while you are working to achieve your goal, you will reach your destination faster than ever and this will boost your confidence to reach towards your next goal.

You may ask how to enjoy the process ?
Well you can do sort of all things to enjoy the process, because how to know what is the right thing you need to do, because people waste their precious time on shallow enjoyment that doesn't fulfill them and their emptiness never ends, because without doing the wrong things to enjoy life or find happiness, you will end up being anxious and unfulfilled.

How to simplify your life by Jitu Das philosophy

Complex to simple
The world is turning out to be a very complex, it has become complicated in almost every field of life. These complexity is really distracting and time consuming and it is very likely that we tend to get lost in it and we never feel fulfilled in meaninglessness business because at our core, we know we are doing the things that we want,we are not actually following our goals, we are just floating around and hoping that wheverever we end up in life is going to be fine. That kind of lazy thinking still does not convince anyone fully, but what they do is gives you an excuse to waste your precious time on things that's purely virtual and fantasy. People who don't want to face reality end up going to the fantasy world and remain there where they forget about their own real goals and end up being happy with the success of the character of the fantasy world, movie, book they have identified with. Fantasy is not a bad thing unless you actually use the inspiration to work.
That is why it is important to simplify your life because more you complicate it, your energy will be wasted on these things that does not have any relation to your goals. Whatever you have must have a purpose, a meaning, if you have too many useless things, you are wasting the space, where you can fill up useful things, it is even better to keep your space empty than have something useless. People waste their time on relationships that does not get any fulfillment nowhere near they desire. They remain in those relationship hoping for that fulfilling moment but it never comes for many.They ignore that and still goes on and in the end they no longer have any hope and at their inner core, they lose interest in things and starts complaining but they don't realize that nobody likes a person who complains all the time.
So the question is how to simplify your life !The answer lies focus and give priority to your goal and spend time with people with whom you feel fulfilled rather than wasting your time, energy and emotion on people where you don't feel fulfilled. But you have to give others first before expecting anything, it's not always possible to be sage like to give without expectation.

Peace of mind by Jitu Das philosophy

Peace of mind It's our human nature to push things further, to wish for something better than what we already have, we are never satisfied and that's not entirely a bad thing, because when we get satisfied with what we have,we will never try anything new , anything inspiring. What lies behind our great global melancholia ,is it because is an asteroid that impending to crash on earth. It's not, then why this sorrow looms over everywhere deep inside ! Are we inflicting the pain to ourselves or is it that we are addicted to our own sadness ! Whatever maybe the reason, the purpose is not to smile all the time, but what we all do seek is a balanced mind, for this we need to learn to control our emotions and that's the hardest part in this whole business. There is no emotion switch that we can turn on or off whenever we please or see convenient.
But no matter how hard it may or whatever reasons may cause this bad mood or unproductive state where you feel guilty of wasting time on wondering, over thinking the same thing again and again.That's when you should acknowledge that you are stuck and you have to push yourself away from that zone if you want to do something in your life or that zone will turn you into a recluse and you wouldn't even notice.
We are never a perfect human being, we all have our inner conflicts, we all have our lack of expertise in different fields and we have so much to learn and learning never ends. To open your mind to education and learning is very important or the illusion of knowledge will fill your mind with assumptions. The learning is not always about reading books, it involves going out exploring, seeing things for yourself, interacting with people, listening to people. Most people nowadays are so busy with their smartphones that they no longer prefer to talk or even listen to people, yes you don't have to listen to everyone, especially the nagging ones, the ones that annoys you ! It is always better to stay silent than getting into an useless argument unless it's a debate. Because when you get into argument, you lose your inner peace, if it's important to you, you should not get into one and stay away from it. #peaceofmind

Andhadhun movie review by Jitu Das film reviews

When I saw the trailer of Andhadhun, I knew it was going to be a great movie. That's why I didn't even watch the whole trailer. Now when I started watching the movie, it became very clear that a story is being told to you, but you soon forget that and that's how things gets interesting. This kind of storytelling has no narrator, the whole things goes to flashback and it was made that way you are seeing the things as it happened.
When Akash, is playing piano with such intense, you can realize how intense the movie is going to be. Akash is a musician and he lives as a blind artist giving music lesson and he dreams of going to London. He just want to get out. Everything was going well, until a girl in scooty got in minor accident with Akash while crossing road. She then takes him to a restaurant and Akash tells her that an aspiring artist could have died. When she finds out he plays good piano, she takes him to play at her dad's restaurant Franco's, where also big celebrities comes. That's how Akash meets old time Hindi cinema actor Pramod Sinha, who falls in love with the way Akash play piano and invites him for a private concert at his home. This private concert was planned to surprise his young wife. But When Akash goes there and finds out there has been a murder. And this is how Akash, the brilliant pianist falls in a trap that will make him regret his earlier decisions.
You should definitely watch the movie if you want to see the brilliance that needs to make a movie. Watching the film you could find so many things that makes a really good movie. First is of course the story, then comes the acting ,then comes music, editing. But there is no linear mode in movies, everything has to go simultaneously in order. My favorite scene was when Akash is playing a private concert at Pramod Sinhas apartment. There you can see the element of music crossing it's normal bar and taking over the whole thing and music itself starts to interpret the situation. You can see the decorations of the wall, and angle and movement of the camera. The intensity of the moment is really a treat for cinema lovers as well as music lovers.

When you find out that there is a theme music of a movie, you just know that how much level a movie has got. Andhadhun has impressed me so much with its creativity and style. Andhadhun appreciates the history of Bollywood and the classic movies and brings back the 80s feel into the scenes with intense music. The movie keeps you engrossed with the story. Only thing I didn't enjoy was wastage of the brilliant cast of Radhika Apte, and the some songs were not good and felt like it was made in hurry. But the movie is absolute must watch thriller of 2018. Thriller movies takes a lot of effort to make, only thing in this movie lacking was the murder mystery, everything happens in front of the audience and everything went smoothly, but the ending blew my mind and made me think. Then the movie almost turned into a mystery movie like Zodiac.Like Life of pi, the story has two ending and it's all on you and how you want the story to end.

The director Sriram Raghavan has made a brilliant movie and it is surely one of the beat movies of 2018. I am very much interested to see his future movies.


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