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Thursday, December 27, 2018

How to simplify your life by Jitu Das philosophy

Complex to simple
The world is turning out to be a very complex, it has become complicated in almost every field of life. These complexity is really distracting and time consuming and it is very likely that we tend to get lost in it and we never feel fulfilled in meaninglessness business because at our core, we know we are doing the things that we want,we are not actually following our goals, we are just floating around and hoping that wheverever we end up in life is going to be fine. That kind of lazy thinking still does not convince anyone fully, but what they do is gives you an excuse to waste your precious time on things that's purely virtual and fantasy. People who don't want to face reality end up going to the fantasy world and remain there where they forget about their own real goals and end up being happy with the success of the character of the fantasy world, movie, book they have identified with. Fantasy is not a bad thing unless you actually use the inspiration to work.
That is why it is important to simplify your life because more you complicate it, your energy will be wasted on these things that does not have any relation to your goals. Whatever you have must have a purpose, a meaning, if you have too many useless things, you are wasting the space, where you can fill up useful things, it is even better to keep your space empty than have something useless. People waste their time on relationships that does not get any fulfillment nowhere near they desire. They remain in those relationship hoping for that fulfilling moment but it never comes for many.They ignore that and still goes on and in the end they no longer have any hope and at their inner core, they lose interest in things and starts complaining but they don't realize that nobody likes a person who complains all the time.
So the question is how to simplify your life !The answer lies focus and give priority to your goal and spend time with people with whom you feel fulfilled rather than wasting your time, energy and emotion on people where you don't feel fulfilled. But you have to give others first before expecting anything, it's not always possible to be sage like to give without expectation.

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