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Monday, December 17, 2018

Andhadhun movie review by Jitu Das film reviews

When I saw the trailer of Andhadhun, I knew it was going to be a great movie. That's why I didn't even watch the whole trailer. Now when I started watching the movie, it became very clear that a story is being told to you, but you soon forget that and that's how things gets interesting. This kind of storytelling has no narrator, the whole things goes to flashback and it was made that way you are seeing the things as it happened.
When Akash, is playing piano with such intense, you can realize how intense the movie is going to be. Akash is a musician and he lives as a blind artist giving music lesson and he dreams of going to London. He just want to get out. Everything was going well, until a girl in scooty got in minor accident with Akash while crossing road. She then takes him to a restaurant and Akash tells her that an aspiring artist could have died. When she finds out he plays good piano, she takes him to play at her dad's restaurant Franco's, where also big celebrities comes. That's how Akash meets old time Hindi cinema actor Pramod Sinha, who falls in love with the way Akash play piano and invites him for a private concert at his home. This private concert was planned to surprise his young wife. But When Akash goes there and finds out there has been a murder. And this is how Akash, the brilliant pianist falls in a trap that will make him regret his earlier decisions.
You should definitely watch the movie if you want to see the brilliance that needs to make a movie. Watching the film you could find so many things that makes a really good movie. First is of course the story, then comes the acting ,then comes music, editing. But there is no linear mode in movies, everything has to go simultaneously in order. My favorite scene was when Akash is playing a private concert at Pramod Sinhas apartment. There you can see the element of music crossing it's normal bar and taking over the whole thing and music itself starts to interpret the situation. You can see the decorations of the wall, and angle and movement of the camera. The intensity of the moment is really a treat for cinema lovers as well as music lovers.

When you find out that there is a theme music of a movie, you just know that how much level a movie has got. Andhadhun has impressed me so much with its creativity and style. Andhadhun appreciates the history of Bollywood and the classic movies and brings back the 80s feel into the scenes with intense music. The movie keeps you engrossed with the story. Only thing I didn't enjoy was wastage of the brilliant cast of Radhika Apte, and the some songs were not good and felt like it was made in hurry. But the movie is absolute must watch thriller of 2018. Thriller movies takes a lot of effort to make, only thing in this movie lacking was the murder mystery, everything happens in front of the audience and everything went smoothly, but the ending blew my mind and made me think. Then the movie almost turned into a mystery movie like Zodiac.Like Life of pi, the story has two ending and it's all on you and how you want the story to end.

The director Sriram Raghavan has made a brilliant movie and it is surely one of the beat movies of 2018. I am very much interested to see his future movies.

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