Peace of mind by Jitu Das philosophy

Peace of mind It's our human nature to push things further, to wish for something better than what we already have, we are never satisfied and that's not entirely a bad thing, because when we get satisfied with what we have,we will never try anything new , anything inspiring. What lies behind our great global melancholia ,is it because is an asteroid that impending to crash on earth. It's not, then why this sorrow looms over everywhere deep inside ! Are we inflicting the pain to ourselves or is it that we are addicted to our own sadness ! Whatever maybe the reason, the purpose is not to smile all the time, but what we all do seek is a balanced mind, for this we need to learn to control our emotions and that's the hardest part in this whole business. There is no emotion switch that we can turn on or off whenever we please or see convenient.
But no matter how hard it may or whatever reasons may cause this bad mood or unproductive state where you feel guilty of wasting time on wondering, over thinking the same thing again and again.That's when you should acknowledge that you are stuck and you have to push yourself away from that zone if you want to do something in your life or that zone will turn you into a recluse and you wouldn't even notice.
We are never a perfect human being, we all have our inner conflicts, we all have our lack of expertise in different fields and we have so much to learn and learning never ends. To open your mind to education and learning is very important or the illusion of knowledge will fill your mind with assumptions. The learning is not always about reading books, it involves going out exploring, seeing things for yourself, interacting with people, listening to people. Most people nowadays are so busy with their smartphones that they no longer prefer to talk or even listen to people, yes you don't have to listen to everyone, especially the nagging ones, the ones that annoys you ! It is always better to stay silent than getting into an useless argument unless it's a debate. Because when you get into argument, you lose your inner peace, if it's important to you, you should not get into one and stay away from it. #peaceofmind

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