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Thursday, December 27, 2018

When you deserve something, even if gets delayed, nothing can stop you from getting it by Jitu Das philosophy

The first time you have felt you did deserve something but someone else took it from you, what will you do, will you fight for it, if yes, know that you will not feel great that way. Let me tell you something, from my personal experience, whenever I lose something I deserved, I did not concentrate on getting it, but I let it go mostly because I don't like fighting over small things. You should never fight over small matters because, you always lose more than what you would have get winning these fights.Instead you should focus on getting there where no one can touch you. Because in life, competing with people is a huge mistake and it never leads to a great life. Your competition is always with yourself. Your work in life is to get to a point where you no longer have to fight for what you deserve, because at that point there is no one stop you from what you deserve and that is called success in life, where good things fly towards you and all you have to receive and enjoy.

The question is how to get there, how to achieve true success where you no longer need to fight for things you deserve. But first you have to work hard and focus on your goal, because there is no shortcut, there is no alternative to hard work and complete dedication. Wishful thinking alone never leads you there, you have to get out there, you have to walk the path towards your goal, nomatter how far it may seem, it is possible if you keep walking the path towards your goal giving all you have. But here is the thing, hard work is not going to be enough in the long run, you may go towards your dream for a while, but all the pain and hurt will stop you. Hard work isn't enough, you need enjoyment in the whole process. So you are doing hard work to reach your destination, but there is no enjoyment in the process, you will never reach far. But if you are enjoying your every moment while you are working to achieve your goal, you will reach your destination faster than ever and this will boost your confidence to reach towards your next goal.

You may ask how to enjoy the process ?
Well you can do sort of all things to enjoy the process, because how to know what is the right thing you need to do, because people waste their precious time on shallow enjoyment that doesn't fulfill them and their emptiness never ends, because without doing the wrong things to enjoy life or find happiness, you will end up being anxious and unfulfilled.

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