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Friday, December 28, 2018

How to remove the mess in your heart and the limitations of the mind by Jitu Das philosophy

If you have ever fell in love with someone or something, no I am not talking about liking , I mean the love that just gets a hold on you, If you are in that kind of love, where you can not stop thinking about it, then know that you are not the only one, and I can understand it totally if it's taking a toll on you and you feel like you can't live without that person. It's all real and these things happen in real life too, not just in movies. All these feelings and thoughts that taking the life out of you and it is real and you can not seem to avoid it. For instance when a relationship is special, when a bond has been made, it's normal to want to be with that person and it's all good until you start fighting these thoughts and feelings, that's when a inner turmoil occurs and you end up in a loop where you are fighting with yourself and there is no end to this. These thoughts are mostly about what if you don't get what you want, you will be a failure in life. But we seem to always forget that life is not only about what you are getting, it is also about what you are giving.

The question is how to get out this mess ?
Well if there is a mess in the outside world ,you can simply get out the place, but how would you run away when your heart is a mess. Nomatter what you try to do, you will end up thinking about it, you will end up trying to live in fantasy. How can one fix this mess in his heart, because this is really sucking out the life from the person ! Our personal desire can make us suffer alot in life if we don't help others or give. Our individual aims makes no sense in the big picture, but if you could somehow managed to see the larger picture of life, you will see there is a lot things that you can do in life , which will create a positive impact in the life of others. What is the greatest joy in life, it is to make a positive impact in others life. In our life, we get the chance to do good for others so many times. Even if you couldn't help everytime, you get enough opportunities to help people and when you help, that is how life gets better. Life doesn't become great when you shut off your innerself from giving and try to do something big. It's not possible if you don't respond and respect your inner self and all the potentially of life. If you don't appreciate yourself and admire for what you are, you will always end up worrying about being accepted or loved by other people. People don't owe you anything, so stop expecting anything and move on towards your goal. Life is going to become meaningless if you are always wasting your time on thinking about whether people love you or not, whether you are receiving love, warm regards, homage from people. If you always expect about receiving, you will end up disappointed, because most people expect receiving and ignore the giving part.

If your heart is a mess right now, this is the most important question you should ask yourself, are you giving your best or are you expecting the best from others ? If you are not giving and only expecting that is why your heart is a mess ! You always know what you have and what you can give to the world, and never doubt that what you want to give isn't good enough. Don't worry about the naysayers, there are so many people whom you can help with your giving. There is always countless opportunities where you can give , where you can lend a hand or give a positive idea which will ultimately set you free from the illusion of limitations that torture you . Your heart is a mess, your mind is filled with same unnecessary thoughts because you have limited yourself in a boundary made by the people's opinions. All of these boundaries are made to contain you from exploring because that is when people feel scared of the possibilities. You have to open your heart and set your mind free from these boundaries, that is how you will find true freedom.

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