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Assamese jealousy quotes by Jitu Das quotes

Assamese life quotes জীৱনৰ কঠিন সময়ত by Jitu Das quotes

What is the study of coins called ?

Where in 1943, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose proclaimed the formation of the Provincial Government of Independent India ( Azad Hind) ?

The Permanent Settlement of Bengal in 1793 was introduced during the tenure of whom ?

When was the East India Company was founded ?

Who was the famous astronomer of ancient India ?

What was Ashvamedha ?

Who is the first woman film star nominated for rajya sabha

Which state does not have a railway line in India ?

Where do Arboreal animals live in ?

Who is the youngest person to receive the Bharat Ratna ?

What is the longest river bridge in India ?

Who is the first Indian President to ride atop a battle tank ?

Who is the first-ever serving Cabinet Minister to get a Padma Vibhushan Award ?

Who is known as the ‘Bard of Brahmaputra” ?

When the National Science Day is celebrated ?

When Aam Admi Bima Yojana was launched in INDIA ?

Which is the only city in the world situated in two continents ?

What is the largest land-locked country in the world ?

Which country has the highest density of roads and railroads in the world ?

How long is the mid atlantic ridge ?

What is the longest mountain range in the world underwater ?

What is the largest mountain chain of the world ?

Which continent does not have a desert ?

Which is the hottest planet oth the solar system ?

When is National Green Tribunal has been set up and why ?

Which Indian state that has been selected as a pilot sate for launching e-Biz Project ?

Who is the Indian born music conductor who was honored with Israeli Presidential award ?

Where is the Hornbill,an endemic species found ?

What is the largest known galaxy ?

The Dover Strait lies between What ?

What is The boundary between North Korea and South Korea ?

What is the longest national highway in india ?

How many High Courts are there in India ?

Which is the state of India having a negative population growth rate according to 2011 census ?

What is the common term of deuterium oxide( D20) ?

Typhoid is caused by what ?

What is Cloud Computing ?

Who is Hariprasad Chaurasia ?

What is the State having the longest coastline in India?

What is the Second highest gallantry Award in India ?

When was Panchayati Raj was first introduced in India ?

Where is the first tidal power plant in India is located in ?

Right to Education has been added to the Fundamental Rights of the Indian constitution by what ?

What is the largest scheduled tribe in india ?

What is The largest area and the highest production of large cardamom in India ?

When did Poject Tiger in India was launched ?

What is the largest archipelago of the world ?

What is the largest brackish water lake in asia ?

What is the main objective of Aajeevika Yojana launched by Rural Development in India ?

Where is the Only floating National park in the world ?

Where is MIDHANI ( Mishra Dhatu Nigam) located in India ?

Which is the Only state where four cats are found ?

What does 17 A and 17-B in the concurrent list of Indian Constitution contain ?

Who was the First Chief justice of the Supreme court of India ?

SAARC has decided to declare 2006-2015 as what ?

Where and when was SAARC Secretariat was established ?

When SAARC was founded and where ?

What is the lowest limit for a parliamentary constituency at present?Are these limits uniform for all States?

What was the limit for the Parliamentary and Assembly constituencies in the above States at the time of the last general election in 2009?

What is the limit for election expenditure in a parliamentary constituency in bigger States, like, UP, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, M.P?

What is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha or Assembly election?

In which year Indian Forest Service came into being ?

Ox-bow lake originates from which sources ?

What events occurred in 1757 and 1857 ?

Who was awarded Golden Ball honors in the FIFA 2014

When was the Treaty of Yandaboo signed ?

How many judge in Supreme court of India ?

How many hours before actual polling, the election campaign has to stop in India ?

Where is IAS officials training institutions is established and located ?

What is the Origin and end point of Stillwell ( Ledo) road ?