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Top Assamese films directed by Munin Barua, great director of Assamese film

Munin Barua was a Great director of Assamese films, I grew up watching his films. His films actually gave the life to the Assamese film Industry. His direction was something else, you cannot believe now that there was a time when people used to go watch Assamese films in the cinema Halls and it was his direction, Jatin Bora's acting and Zubeen Gargs music that once attracted people to halls. Still, his movies are running all the time on News Channels every Sunday. His Best Movies are
1.Hiya Diya Niya (2000)
2.Daag ( 2001 )
3. Nayak (2001)
4. Kanyadaan (2002)
5. Barood 2003)
6. Bidhata (2003)
7. Rong ( 2004)
8. Dinabandhoo (2004)
9. Raamdhenu (2011)
All of these are also the best Assamese movies and they are all my favorite. If you are an Assamese person and have not watched his films, then you are truly missing out a lot.

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