Amazing facts of SriManta Sankardev

Amazing facts of sankardev -

1. Sankardev went to school at the age 12.
2. Sankardev wrote a poem 
just by learning the Assamese letters,he wrote a beautiful poem,which is still a wonder for many scholars. It was sign that,he held great talent within him, which changed the entire society of assam for good. The poem he wrote was-
     Karatala kamala ,           kamaladala nayana
      Vabadaha-dahan         gahana bayana sayana
     Kharatara barakhara          hatadakha badana
     Khagasara nagadhra         fanadhra sayana
     Napara napara para          saratar gamaya
     Savaya  mabhaya mama    harasata taya
     Jaga daghamapa hara       vaba vaya tarana
     Para pada laya kara           kamalaja nayan 

3.  He studied the four Veda,fourteen Satra and eighteen purana and became a great scholar of that time. 

4. He also studied yoga" sastra and started to practice and lived 120 years, a great mighty long year.

5. Sankardeva in his pilgrimage,visited Srikheta,Ganges ,Sitakunda,Barah khetra, Pushkarani tirtha, Mathura,Brindabana .After the journey of 12 years,he went home.The journey took that long period,because in 15th century, there is not such transportation as we have now in 21th century. At the age of 97, master Sankardeva with Madhavdeva, Ramram and Narayana, Gobinda, Udar and with 120 follower he went to pilgrimage for the second time.

How to upload my Hindi picture quotes on any site?

To upload  Hindi picture quotes on any site, first write down the quotes in  a picture, using apps like 

Out of which, in  YourQuote, you can both write and publish your quotes and poems in the app and it will be available in google search.

How to teach Hindi poems for 2 class individually?

To teach Hindi poems, first the Teacher has to first give the meaning of the hindi words in student's mother tongue. The teacher should help the students in writing the  meaning of the hindi words they don't know. Then the the teacher should explain the poem as a whole first, then the each line of the poem should be explained in the simplest way possible.

For individual help, the teacher should ask if anyone has a problem in understanding the poem in a nice manner, so the students who does not understand will raise their hands, then the part of the poem which is difficult for the students should be explained again with a slow and simple manner.

Castaway on the Moon 2009 Movie Review

Castaway on the moon is a highly recommended movie on isolation. Sometimes in life isolation is necessary and sometimes too much isolation also  creates a disabilities in interaction with society. 

Our desire however small creates our hopein life, as the saying goes, as long as there is life, there is hope. 
Hope is the spirit within us,that only sees the bright side of life. 

Castaway on the moon has really good cinematography,  I watched this about 10 years ago for the first time, this movie is still relevant to this day and remain ageless for many years.

Mookuthi Amman 2020 Movie review

Mookuthi Amman is a satire on fake babas that are manipulating devotees, even though these type of movies seems to be on good with intention, these type of satire movies are usually end up insulting Hindusim and real Hindu Babas also. Even though there are fake babas, but whatever may be the intention, it hurts the image of real sadhu babas, that is why Hindu Sadhu babas are getting killed in the country. There are other issues like forced conversion by other religions, which is never shown in the movies in India.
The other aspects of the movie, the protagonist is a elder son in a family, where there 3 sisters and a mother. The story is not connected to any character deeply, everything overlaps with each other.
These movie was not enjoyable at all, especially  because of the rapid mood swings in the scenes and annoyingly loud scenes and A-B repeat scenes.
Overall it can be watched one time !!

An Assamese poet famous as bonflor Kobi Who is he ?

Jatindra Nath Duara 

What is the Assamese meaning of glass where we drinks water?

Assamese meaning of Glass where we drink water is Piyala ( পিয়লা ) 

What is the height of singhason peak in Assam ?

1,600 meters
Singhason (1.5km)
The highest peak in the district and an ideal spot for adventure seekers is situated barely 2kms away from the town. At an altitude of 1,600 meters, Singhason is a great destination for trekking, and viewing the sunrise and sunset.


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