King Kong( 2005 film)review& summary by Jitu Das FILM reviews

King Kong is a 2005 adventure film and remake of the 1933 film of the same name. Directed, co-written and produced byPeter Jackson, it stars Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, Jack Black as Carl DenhamAdrien Brody as Jack Driscoll and, throughmotion captureAndy Serkis as the title character.
Watching King-Kong is a great  experience.King Kong is one of most beautiful sci-fi, adventure film.There is not much films like King_Kong. King Kong is a epic itself.The film runs for 3 hours and 7 minutes, for which the film was criticized.But it was important to have the length to make it a epic portraying the beauty,mystery and wonder of emotion, the landscapes.The Skull island is like  rivendill from the middle earth. The giant animals,the landscapes,waterfall makes  King Kong ( 2005) an amazing film.The soundtrack of the King-Kong was composed by  James  Newton Howard,a great music composer. The soundtrack is very beautiful and just heart-touching. King-Kong won three Academy awards for best sound editing,best sound mixing and best visual effects.

It was the spring of 1933.At the time of Great depression in New-York city.Ann Darrow, a dancer in a Vaudeville ( a show that is mixed with all artists including, comedians, dancers,  athletes,etc, this theatrical genre used to popular in United States)
Because of the Great depression,Ann lost her job in the show, but she got hired by a  troublesome filmmaker was Carl Denham to act in his  new film.Ann signs readily signs when she found out the screenwriter of the film was her  favorite  playwright  Jack Driscoll. 
Then they sail in a tramp steamer to the mysterious and remote Skull island.The ship gets lost in fog and  aground  on rocks surrounding the Skull island. Carl and his crew explore the island for  film making but gets  attacked  by the native tribe makes the arrangements to sacrifice Ann to the King Kong.Kong is a giant gorilla about 8 meter tall. Captain of the ship, Englehorn and the crew break up the attack and return to the ship. They start lightening the ship throwing up the goods, to float off the the repairs but then Jack discovers that Ann has been kidnapped.On the island, Ann was hung from a drawbridge on the side of the wall.
The crew returned with arms but it was too late because King Kong had already took Ann into the jungle.Ann tries to survive by trying to amuse King-Kong by juggling stone and dancing different types of dances.When the king-Kong sees  tiny  Ann dancing and juggling,he really finds that amusing and laughs.Then he push her a  little  bit by his index finger and she falls. Kong  laughs  when she falls and makes it a play to push her again and  again  when she try to stand. Ann gets real tired of this silly  play  and shouts no to Kong.
Kong gets mad for that roars at her, but Ann stands still showing as if she is not afraid of him
Then  Kong  throws big rocks to show her how powerful he is.But in  doing  that, a rock fall on his head own head and gets  embarrassed  of himself. 
Englehorn,the captain of the ship oraganize a rescue operation.The rescue part gets caught in the middle of pack of Venatosaurus saevidicus while they were hunting a herd of massive plant eating sauropods.There the cameramen and  three sailors gets killed. The rest of rescue party come across a swamp, where Bruce Baxter, an actor of adventure film, leaves the rescue party for Ann with two other.
While the rescue party was making their way between two land, a ravine.They try to get to other side on a giant fallen log between connecting the two sides. Hayes, who led the rescue crew, crosses the log first telling others to wait,Jimmy wants to go with Hayes, but Hayes said to to him that it was not about being brave. As he search the place and when stands curious  in front  of a cave,suddenly Kong rushes towards him as he shouts to others to run.But Kong grasp Hayes with his hand instantly.When Hayes tried to pull the trigger of the revolver,Kong gets angry and throws him to the other side ,where he gets hits the rocks and falls down. When the crew tried to to return, they were still on the log, as Kong rolls the log,Choy, a crew member falls down to the pit slipping from the log.Kong shakes the log,the crew falls down into a ravine.Falling in the ravine,Carl's camera gets broken,it makes very angry.When the crew was firing at King Kong from the log,hearing the sounds Ann tries to escape and shouts that she is there.but on the way to the crew,she gets in the middle of Vastatosaurus rex.King-Kong senses her shout and protects her from  three  Vastatosaurus.but to fight with the three was not easy,because they were as big as the King-Kong himself.
Then, King-Kong  takes Ann to his mountain lair,to his sanctuary,home.The place was at the top of skull island. The place was beautiful. Ann shows her gratitude for saving her life by juggling stone, then they look at the sun.Ann said to Kong that it was beautiful. There was a waterfall adjacent to the cliff.
In the pit,Jack,Carl,Jimmy and Lumpy gets  attacked  by the insects in the pit. Lumpy gets killed by giant leech like  annelids. Jack gets  attacked  by giant  millipedes  like insects.Jimmy kills them with a machine gun.Carl getting mad tries to slash the leeches.But then  hundreds  of spider like insects starts to crawl  towards  them,they gets trapped and then Engleghorn,Baxter and the crew kills the insects and saves the last three members of the rescue party.
Jack decides to continue searching Ann.but Carl had something else,evil indeed in his mind.By being on large debt,Carl was loosing his morality.
Jack enters through a cave, thousands of giant bats like rodents were hanging there, while Carl was planning  on catching King-Kong.Jack goes to mountain lair, where Kong was sleeping and his palm,Ann was also sleeping.
Jack whispers her name and she wakes up.When Jack and Ann reach their hand to each other and about the time they hold their hand,Kong opens his eyes and sees that.
Then many of those bats fly around  and attack Kong.Jack and Ann catch one of the bat's feet and fly away from Kong.When the bat was flying above a river, they let go off it. King-Kong  finding  Ann gone, rushes to the tribe's gate. When Jack and Ann reach the drawbridge ,Carl said to Jack that they would for them to lower the bridge.But instead Carl was waiting for King Kong to come,by making all the arrangements  with the captain and the crew keeping bottles of  chloroform  ready to make Kong unconscious,so they  could  capture him and take him to New York City to make shows and earn money.
Preston,Carl's  assistant  asks to Carl to draw the bridge for them,bu t Carl waits on Kong,but Preston cuts the rope even though Carl was saying not now.Jack and  Ann  runs through the bridge. At that moment Kong had  also  already  arrived  the the bridge.when King entered through the gate,hooks  were thrown  at him,one  chloroform  bottle was thrown on the ground near Kong,which made him a little unconscious.
But Kong tears away the ropes with hooks and rushes to the crew. The crew runs and gets ready to escape with their boats.Englehorn shouts to kill Kong.A sailor throws a harpoon at Kong, then Carl throws a bottle of Chloroform on the face of Kong, it breaks and the liquids enters through his nose and knocks Kong out.

In the winter season Carl organize a show presenting Kong chained on chrom-steel, referring Kong to the audience as the eight wonder of the world.
While Jack wrote a play and when he was watching the play, the actress of the play was dialoguing that her lover never said the words to her that he love her.Another female character  was saying that Man ,they would give you all the worlds but the not the words that really matters. Then a sudden  epiphany  struck Jack, he knew he loved Ann,but never said the words and now he  realizes  that he should tell her he loves her. Then he run to the show,hoping that she might be there.Carl offered huge amounts of money to Ann, to perform the cat of where the native tribes of Skull island hung Ann to make her a sacrifice to Kong.But Ann refused to act,because when  Kong  was captured,her heart was broken and she disgusted Carl.
Carl hires a girl who looked like Ann to perform the cat in the show. Carl tells the story of bravery to the audience and gives the credit of saving Ann to Bruce Baxter,which was a lie  of course.
When Jack finds out from Preston that Ann was not in the show,he asks him where she was. Ann was now a  chorus  girl. When photographers takes photographs of Carl and Bruce  in-front  of King_ Kong, the  camera   flashes  enrages Kong.Then Kong breaks the  chain,the audience starts to shout and  run in  fear. Kong sees Jack and remembering that he was the one who stole Ann, Kong   chases  him. Kong chases Jack in a taxi across town and knocks out  Jack  flipping the taxi.Then at that place,  Kong  encounter Ann,who worked nearby and came outside hearing the  shouting  of the people. 
Kong takes Ann in his hand and have a great moment sliding on the frozen pond i the central park. Then the army attacks Kong.Kong climbs taking Ann onto the  dome  of the empire state  building. silting  at the dome,they watch the beautiful sunrise as they had seen in the mountain lair.
Then six fighter airplanes gun fires at Kong,Kong could not survived that . Ann  was shouting and crying not to kill him waving her to the air planes.But the fighter panes fired at him all together.To the last moment,Kong and Ann looked at each other.
Kong fell down to the ground.The people  surrounded  Kong. Journalists were taking photographs.people were saying that air planes killed the beast. From the crowd, Carl come near to Kong to take a last  look  and said that its was not the air planes, it was the beauty that killed the beast. 


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