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The Blue Lagoon 1980 movie review by Jitu Das film review

The Blue Lagoon 1980 is a  movie which is now 39 years old, which is too old and it is still has an amazing  fresh vibe to it. The Blue lagoon for me was very relaxing, when I watched Blue Lagoon , I realized how much Blue Lagoon has inspired other films like Danny Doyle's The Beach, the scene in the night where they swim and the bioluminescent  plankton glows, which is one of the  most beautiful scene. That scene of Richard and Emmeline in The Blue Lagoon is mostly same in The Beach, where, the main character is also called Richard ( played by Leonardo DiCaprio) .

The Blue Lagoon  is not at all silly, because it does not have any meaningless  scenes, all the scenes  are for narrative purpose, besides I  liked  the cinematography,  absolutely  gorgeous, if you have watched the Lost  Tv series, where a bunch people get stuck in an island, the cinematography style is very smiliar to The Blue Lagoon, especially the jungle scenes.

The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful  movie, you hardly get to see aesthetically pleasant  movie nowadays, the beautiful teen couple in love in a remote island, filled with birds, iguanas, fish, reef , Dolphins, and spectacular  videography  in the artistic sense, and also a soundtrack just blends in sweetly. 

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