Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Problems of Me generation1992 by Jitu Das philosophy

                                                1. Problems of the my "Me"  generation

I do not know why my generation and the younger gen. do not believe in one love. May be its because there is so possibilities. My generation does not sleep well, it is because of the limitless possible ways to spend time, on the internet, its a page among millions of page. Everywhere you got choose. There are many options in every menu. Menu of a mobile, tv, restraunt etc. You have to make a choice and if you want to make a right you will get stuck like me, because from a lot of thinking, reading and watching movies, I have come to believe that there is no right way except the instinct's way. Do you know what is the name of my genration, its called me me generation. The generation I am in cares about themselves much more than any previous generation have ever did.

                                                   2.  My parent's generation

 There is a great difference between the time when my father was at my age and now where I am. I talk a lot with my fathes. He has all these amazing stories of the people he knew and now. He tells the stories of the people of his village where he was born. When I asked my father about his dream career. He said that getting a good job was a big dream for a young man in a place so undeveloped like Gati, a village nearby the world heritage site Manas national park in Assam. Well he founded a school in his own land and became the head teacher. That time was different and even though we usually like to think that the previous generation had it easy, well it is not true. It had been always   competitive  around our planet earth. You got to be better and evolve so that your next  generation  survives. When I look at my parents I see peace in them. Why couldn't I have that peace ! May be it comes with age. As Satyanath Bora, one of my favourite  Assamese  writer said that he found peace when he got where his enemies anger, lust, greed,jealousy became weaker and he found peace. I can not wait to get old to find inner peace.
                                                3. How do I find my little peace ?

 There is a way by which I find peace and the way I am going right now this very moment. Guessed what ? Its the writing. I have never found more peace in anything else except watching good films, listening music. But when I am watching a movie or listening to a music, I am not doing nothing on my own. Other than writing I love photography. What I want to say in this post that this generation I was born is filled with limitess choices. There are thousands of career in the world. 

                                          4.How do you know what is the right career choice ? 

Of course  you have to know what you love and want most for sure. You can love manything, but is there anything specific that you love that gives you peace. It is the same with life partner too. You must find someone who gives you love and most of all peace in heart.

                                             5.  How do someone gives you peace ?

 Someone can give you peace just standing by and understanding what you say verbally or nor verbally and responding to them. Technolngy is not bad, it was made by human to make life more easy and comfortable. Now you do not press the keys with your right thumb, you just have to touch it. And what can I say about social interaction in a global system. We are all connected. It's like one big brain, and the people are the neuron cell connecting or disconnecting sending news to each other. But too much is very bad. 

                                                6.  There is a cometition in everything.

 Students compete with grades. Cricketers compete with runs or wickets. Company competes with their product. Countries competing with each other with nuclear power.As a humankind we are competing with our own yesterday. But yesterday may seem inferior to today, but without yesterday we would never  reached  today. That is why as we grow older, past seems more glowing even it was hard and painful. But it should because life is now or never. 

                                                    7.  The right girl for me !

There is so many things to do nowadays. Its like if you are not doing this and that you are wasting your life. Its like if I do not have one or two girlfriend I am just totally wasting my youth. I do not know ! Maybe they are right and maybe not. I just never found the right girl, I do not want a perfect girl. I just need a girl who just loves and understands me verbally or non-verbally. I believe that there is no right way to follow excepts the instinct's way. That is what I follow which may or may not take me where I wanna be. Since there is no way to know future and I do not what is the right way, I must follow my instinct as it is the only that is available and I hope it works out all well.