Thursday, August 22, 2013

What are the needs of human besides food,shelter and cloth ?? by JItu Das

Beside food, shelter, cloth, we need love of a family, respect from society. Then we need a work to do to pass the time. Then to comfort and heal ourselves, we need science and technology. And when everything is available, we seek more, we seek for the meaning of all this. We start to ask questions like what is out there up above the sky ? What happens after death ? Is there someone, a great energy that keeps our life running. Is there a fate predetermined for each one of us. Are we all just puppets ? Why can’t we have what we want ? Why the person you love do not even see you like you are just air. We would have all go mad, because of those endless questions that leads to helplessness. If there would not have been Art and philosophy, mankind would have never progressed and see this day. ART includes music, songs, films, painting,literature etc. There is a great need of art, music, songs, films, literature and philosophy.
Music is one of the greatest discovery of humanity. Music is one of the great way to decrease your stress, depression. Music works on many layers. Music also works a therapy and music has brought back people from coma. The music express and elevates human feeling, no other art can. For me greatest art is music.Music is the gateway to something deep inside our mind, we call it our.When we listen to good music, we enter in a world of calmness and peace,far away from the problems of daily life.
Literature is also like music, it creates a world, a world like earth and yet that world seems far more interesting. Literature concentrates on every little object of from an old yellow fallen leaf to the sky, stars and galaxy.Literature includes everything.Literature is the best and easy way to express all kind of feeling, and yet sometime music has to express what we can not express in literature. Literature gives me the words to explain what I feel.Literature inspires inspires me to speak more clearly and with style. Literature gives me an insight that there is more to say about the world, there are many people in troubles and pain. The novels creates an entire world, the characters become clear and clear as you read a good novel, you go deep in that world,and you will watch what the characters are doing, listening what they are saying, the characters become your friend in mind. So, you get the company of people, of a family sharing with you everything,their dreams, their weakness and mistakes.You lough and cry with them as you go on reading an good novel till you finish it. But the characters remains in your mind still. Soon,you would feel that experience, and then you read an another novel or story. Literature is a great companion and thus when you get bored and you feel like there is nothing to do, no one is there to talk with, when there is no good programmes on t.v, then read a good novel.Trust me you will feel great.
Films are great. Invention of film has changed the world. The cinemas are like magnets, the way it attracts people, it is just amazing. The way cinema shows the life of a person, or a family or a society, nothing can express that. Cinema is the widest sense of literature. Both visual and audio of the environment makes cinema a closely realistic experience. Now the third dimension is also included in cinemas, the cinema is a never-ending art, cinema is now a part of life. We all have own taste in cinemas. Mystery, drama, action, thriller, horror, sci fi, there are all the genre. I like science fiction films more than anything, mystery and suspense is my all time favourite. And about action and adventure, I have watched above 500.
I need films because films freshens up me, it gives me an energy, like nothing could do.Films inspires me to do great work, to be kind and fall in love. Films inspires me love my family more.Films can inspires on great many level, if that film is great film.
What is philosophy ? I think philosophy is the best and simple way to understand and cope with the uncertain events of life and nature. Philosophy is a consciousness to feel the vastness of co-relation of each and every particle of the universe. Philosophy is the way to deal with problems of our daily life, the problems that seems to have no scientific solutions yet. Philosophy is the realization of the fact that life, world and universe has an ultimate truth, but yet we do not see the entire truth. Philosophy born there where there is a deep curiosity about life, world and universe. For many reasons we need art and philosophy.~ Jitu Das.

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