Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to spend your life ? - Jitu Das stories

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O pappad wale panga na le – Makdee ( 2002), one of my favorite song when I was 13 years old. Those days were more fun when I was akid and 7- 13 years old. I wish I could go back to those time and spend a month or two. Well, but that is not possible now untill the time machine is invented. May be you feel that too. May be you too remember the good old days witha song, book or a film or by a place you visited.
 I remember my child hood days with the cartoons, school and home. There is no other way I could remembermy childhood day without having the family, relatives, cartoons, films,song or book and school, to relate with. Without them I could not have something to remember in relation with.

 Our memory works like the  Google  search engine. We think or remember of something and it is like searching something in google. Google gives 10 results or link to what you were searching, so does mind gives you the related links of what you were thinking. Somehow I though of childhood days and a film came to my mind, the title of the film is Makdee. It was released in 2002. The film was directed, written by Vishal Bhardwaj. I got to watch the film in 2004, when I was 13 years old and was studying in class six. This film reminds me of those simple days when having fun was the main aim of my life.

 Now I am 22, and I know growing up is not fun and these young adult days are the hardest, most confusing time of my life. But a kid is free from the unnecessary worries. When I was a kid my world was very small, school, playground, 10 friends , home and family. That was my small happy world and now I know it is very big world, all the progress, all the knowlege of mankind like an giant ocean.

 Everyday advancement of science and technology, would you leave it all and live in 2004. May be I would if I could. This is what happens to everyone. You cry to go back in a time you love, now remembering that those days were great and if you knew how great those days were at that time, you would had been more grateful.
But we are never grateful to present, to this moment. Well growing up has taught me some good things too.

 A chinese philosopher, Lin Yutang said to enjoy life more than anything else.And poetry taught me see that there is always something worthwhile going on. Some great films taught me to hope for a better future, even when the life isat a odd position to hope. Biology taught me that we are all made of elements, the elements which were created when a star died. So, we are all made of stardust. Physics taught me that reality is we see and feel is also relative justlike time and space is relative. Well, we are not live here forever.

In my case my childhood days are over, and I can not get to live those days again. Here, now I am in my young adult days feeling thechange, progress of mankind, science and technology.

 There are two ways you can spend your life.Living in now,in this moment learning from the mistakes of yesterday or you can live like that past matters more than now. Do not get confused with who you were and who you are now. Just like I am not that 12 years kid anymore. My ideas, knowlegde arenot same anymore too. Somehow I am not now what I was, but what I was is a part of whole newme.

I am like a wall of brick, and the bricks are the time of life and ideas, thoughts and experiences along with time. And I need to accept that fact. These times are may be hard and most confusing but 10 years later these days would seem like great days. Maybe it is the time to do what my heart, instinct tells me to so that I do not have regret after 10 years for not listening to my heart, for not making the best out of right now.

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