Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Memento(2000 film) summary & analysis by Jitu Das

Memento is a 2000 American neo-noir mystery-psychological thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan, adapted from his younger brother Jonathan Nolan's short story "Memento Mori".

One, Leonard got hit in his head, while  his wife got raped. Then he loses his ability to remember new memories. His wife who was already upset and depressed after that incident and even more because her husband is sick and could not remember the new memories.I sadness his wife put him on a desperate attempt to test his memory by letting him giver the insulin dose as she was diabetic. The test was asking him to give insulin shot instantly after one shot, but as he could not store new memories in his brain, so he keeps giving her insulin even though she asks him to do that instantly and all these ultimately caused her death.

Two, The story of Sam Jankis is the story where Sam and his wife got a car accident and Sam got injured in his head and damage happens in his head and now he could not remember new memories. Then his wife tests him and he fails and kills her overdosing insulin.

Three, Leonard was an investigator, he remembers everything perfect before the incident, while his wife got raped and he got hit.

Four, The police-man teddy, John Gallmore why did he help Leonard, out of pity, it does not seem right. The person he helped getting killed before years ago, who was the real killer of her wife.

Five, It's okay to that point,but why he is still helping Leonard and somehow Teddy helped  Leonard or planned Leonard to kill Jimmy,the drug dealer Natalie's boyfriend was Teddy killing the drug dealer by using Leonard ? or he is still giving him meanings to be happy, a goal in life?

Six, Natalie was playing or acting, as if she does not know that the car, the suit is being used, Leonard. Natalie played a neat act of getting beaten by Dodd, while actually she got beaten by making Leonard willing by making him angry telling him a coward and his wife a whore. That was very interesting part of the film.
At the end of the film, or the begging of the consequences, when Teddy tells him that he has already killed the real John Edward Gammell. He realizes  the truth that he killed Jimmy for no reason and yet,  going outside and yet, going outside of the isolated house, where he killed Jimmy, wore his dress, he throws away the keys of Teddy's car and thinks that car behind Teddy's car and thinks that, he is going to forget this truth and make all  the truths of Teddy, a lie since forgets every new memory, and he believes his note and handwriting, so he decided to search for the killer  again who raped and killed again, who raped and killed his wife. For that to accomplish, he can not know the truth or he must believe the truth as lies, so he decided to write as lies so he decided to write a caption on Teddy's photo "Don't believe his lies" 

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