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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is Jealousy ? Benefits of Jealousy by Jitu Das

Do you know what I was thinking in the morning ? Its the way to start a conversion, isn't it ?  So, I was thinking about jealousy. What is jealousy ? I think jealousy is normal feeling that comes to our mind, when there is a cause to create the jealousy. Is jealousy always a bad feeling. jealousy is not a good thing, I think that jealousy is more than just a bad feeling, because, I now believe that, jealousy can tell you who you are really . Its very important to know who you are really, because when you will know who you are really, you will have no have worry, stress and anxiety. So, I was talking about jealousy, what is this jealousy feeling ? We all feel it, Mankind has always felt it, I don't know now if other animals also feel jealousy. But, mankind feels it totaly. A man who does not feel jealousy, is the man, who knows either everything or nothing. Yes, we all feel jealousy, there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing in our body and mind that is not useful. We have all those emotions, the sympathy, love, kindness, hate, jealousy, greed, lust. They are emotions to guide us, to show us who we are really. How ? Well, its simple.

How jealousy can tell you who you are really : -
Jealousy is a feeling, it comes in your mind, when you see an another man doing what you only dream of doing. Are you getting, what I want to say ? I want to tell you something that perhaps no one said like this. So the point is that when you feel jealous for someone, observe what is that thing he is doing that makes you jealous. Is he going on dates with your dream girl ? Is he is doing your dream job. Always remember that you will only feel jealous for someone who is doing what you really want to do in life. You see, everyone wants to be success. But, you can not be success, if you don't know who you are. What does knowing yourself means, knowing yourself simply means, knowing what you can do and love to do. So, whenever you feel jealour for someone, it means that actually you want to do what he has been doing, for example, if you feel jealous for a man who loves a girl, you know, then it means that you actually have love or likeness for that girl in your heart, because you wouldn't feel jealous if am man loves the girl you hate. That is how simply jealousy can lead you to an self enligthenment. A singer would never feel jealousy for a cricketer. An unknown singer would always feel jealous for a successful singer.
So, for this reasons, I think that jealousy is not that bad. That is how you should look at everything believing it to be true that there is good and beautiful in everything.  

When you feel jealous to someone, remember one thing that you can also have, what others got. Don't be afraid that you won't get what other's have already got. Be positive, you will get what you want in the right time.  I think Jealousy is a fear of not having what you want.  live simply and stay connected with me. Love to you ~ Jitu.

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