Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Deep life poems, "Today I will Live" by Jitu Das life poems

Today, this moment, is all I have,to be happy
who knows what tomorrow might give
love, joy and peace or death of all hope.
Today, I will live like it is my last day
Today I will do what would do in my last day.
Today is now, now is the moment live, I breath
and I can feel my heart beating 
in my left chest, I can feel the touch.
I can see the world and appreciate the beauty.
I can hear the sounds of the world activity
and musics of the world.
I can say what I want to say.
I can also sing, if I want..
I can feel the touch of my loved people.
Today, I see now, meaning of life is living.
Today, I forgive all to lighten up my soul.
Today, I see now, anger, ego, fear and shyness they are all cousins.
So deep they lies within, its hard to leave them, 
they grasps you, when you lose your hope.
Today, indeed, I will live with the
 hope that I grow wise everyday.
Today, I live now, having love in my
 heart for everyone in the world...
Today is beautiful, everyday is a today,
oh my weary heart don't worry about tomorrow, 
live today, tomorrow will be okay.
Today, is my life, if I fall, if I get lost, 
I have to keep my hope alive, hope 
is the light of life, to show me 
the road that I should walk.
Today, if sadness fills up my heart,
I won't go mad, I will relax and pray,
 which will calm my mind and show me the way.

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