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Friday, 19 July 2013

How to find meaning in life again when you feel lost by Jitu Das

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Sometime you may feel like that there is no meaning of life. You may think what these people are running for ? Sometime everything may become meaningless to you. If you are wondering why you loose the meaning in life sometime ? Why sometime you get confused what you really want ? Whenever it happens, always do the easiest work you can do and you do also have fun. Then, you will know, then you will remember, why you were feeling lost ? Why everything was meaningless to you.

It is most weird to ask why live just because everybody is living. It works on everything. Why write ? While thousands of people are already writing ! Why play football or cricket, when other players are already in the field ? Why search for the truth, when many people have showed the truth. Why do something that others have already done or doing ? If you questions that resonates to these question, don't be afraid or feel lost. I think you want to do something new, that has been never done by anyone. May be you want to find the answers no one has yet found.  

Don't worry if you don't know yet, what you really want.
Right now, just what you love, it does not matter even many people are doing it. You do it your way, don't copy. Just do it, doing it will give you its meaning. You need to do atleast one thing, that can calm your mind. Create a hobby and do it everyday. 

Whenever you feel like you have lost the meaning in life, just remind yourself that you are not working the work. We all need to work, work is the way to make your life meaningful. Its the work that gives you pleasure and peace of mind. But, all works are not for you to do. You need to do the work, that calms your mind. 

The question here is - How to know what work you should do ? I have thought for days, then I got an answer, and then I forgot, I didn't write it before. So here it is, when you are doing something, and if you get distracted, what would happen then ? First thing is that you go distracted that means that your work is not interesting to get your complete concentration. If you think that you have problems in concentrating, you are wrong , unless you can not concentrate on anything. Always remember that, you should only a work that is interesting for you, so whenever you do a work, always measure the concentration you are giving to the work. If the concentration is high, you will do many great works and time would fly, and if your concentration is weak, you will get distracted, you will find it boring.

 So, what I want to tell you is that, you can not control the mechanism of love or attraction. You have to do the work that gets your full attention and that is how you can find peace in your heart and mind. Peace in heart means an anxious free body, normal heart beat with normal rhythm and by calmness of mind, I mean the absence of unnecessary, disturbing thoughts and pictures.
So, you have to find your calling to be happy. 

What is calling ? The calling means the work that calls you do the work. Like a magnet it attracts. Its a heavy energy that pulls you all the time to those who know their calling. If you do not know your calling, you would still sense the energy, but its very important that you have a clear conception of who you are and what is your calling ? Because Whenever you would feel lost in the world, if you could somehow remind yourself who you are and what is your worth, then you will see the meaning of life again. 

The meaning of life is serving others and yet you can not serve others or do any great work, if you do not the work that gives you peace to your body and mind. But, one thing you should know that to do great work is only easy if you can know what is your calling. To find your calling, there are two best ways, either know yourself enough that you can have clear idea about your passion or by doing the works that you find interesting and then choose the most interesting work out of them.

Whenever life seems confusing, a work that matches your personality is not just enough. You also need a family consisting of your parents, brother, sister in law, your wife and children. What happened to modern age ? We are making thousands of friends on networks, but we don't have time or interest spend some real life experiences with our family. Aren't we becoming to busy with digital gadgets than the people that we love. What is love ? Love is not just a feeling, love is something good that you do for whom you love.

Whenever, you ask yourself that why the people are doing what they are doing ,just know that doing any work matters, from a security guard to the president. All the work is important, no work is small. You have to do only the work that suits you. Just because you are not doing something that others are doing, that doesn't means you are wasting your time, if you are having fun.

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