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Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to deal with the causes of anger by Jitu Das

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You should not be angry on the things that is out of your hand and yet what is out of your hand, it may be reached bx someone elses hand.So, don't get angry, because anger makes you mad. Stay calm, distract yourself from the source, take a bath, it works. It cools down your whole body,taking a shower open up your jaws, the jaws gets closed firmly when you get angry, when you get angry, you bite your teeths, there may a pain arise in your cheek for that reason. The anger is a momentary madness. Don't worry ! We all get angry, sometime. We all get angry when things doesnot turn out the way we want. For example, if you computer doesn't work or gets extremely slow, you get angry, but getting angry is not solution. Think of the result, what your anger leads. When you get angry, you feel a heaviness in your heart, you take heavy breaths. You feel tired and then you feel that a headache is rising, your jaws gets closed firmly,its like you are angry with the teeths,then the upper teeths bites your lower teeth. Meanwhile, your heart beats frequency increases, which can be felt in your left chest. The whole process of getting angry is like getting inside a small dark box,you suffocate there, it feels same when you get angry, your mind becomes restless, you get to only suffer.

There are many source for your anger, everything that is related to your happiness when doesn't work properly, it makes you angry. Your body, your health, your family, friends, your stuffs like pen, cell phone, computer, the current supply, the weather, the everything that is related to you, when doesn't work good enough to keep you happy, they become the sources of your anger. For example, its monsoon here in Assam, and it should rain here, but, its been more than 2 weeks, and it has rained only one day, well, the temp has risen 39 degree celcius and you can't even stop yourself from sweating, you can't sleep in your bed, beds are so hot that, it cause a great discomfort to sleep well, here the bed becomes a direct source of anger, and you dream of having a bed of water. So, there are limitless source of anger, only if you try to control the world. But, you should not be angry about everything, getting angry never helps you get a good result. Even in boxing, getting angry would only loose you the game, okay, I understand, things are not working the way the should, keep calm, and search for the solution, there will be some way to fix this. A broken glass can't be mended or a dead man can be made alive, or you can never become younger again, once you spend your time, you can never get it back, this day, this hour, this moment can never get back again. Every moment is precious for that reason. The worth of a day, can never be understood unless you see the truth that you are dying. We are all dying, I mean that, death can meet you anytime, and there may not a warning that would tell you that you are about to die. For such fragility of life, every second must be spent with joy and laughter. Spend your every moment with satisfaction, spend your hour with peace, spend your days with smile and laughter. Have you laughed today ? You have great reasons to laugh, when you laugh, you open up your world to let the joy fill your heart, you let the peace calms your mind, and all the good emotions, love, kindness, inner peace, satisfaction increses in your heart and you feel light as a flying seed a cotton tree and then you fly whereever your instinct,whereever wind of life take you.

There are many types or phases of anger. When you expect the things to work out they usually do, and then you find that, its not working and then you feel unsatisfaction, and then you try the things and hope that this might it work just fine, but it didn't, then your hope gets a crack, and when you see that it does not work anymore after trying to work it out manytine, then your hope gets scattered away, and unsatisfaction and anger relaces hope and then a madness begins in your body and mind. This madness can't be controlled or you can be recover from it by staying close to what is not working, as I said before, it could be everything that is related to you, your wife,husband,family and friends, it could be any relationship that is not working well might make you angry. For example, if your relationship is not working out with your spouse and you are trying hard to fix it, but it won't work, and you get angry with your spouse, then staying close or living with that person, would only make you angry, you must stay away from everything that hurts you and makes you angry,like you shouldnot get close to another car, it might crash you, otherwise its a mutual stunt !
So, you know now,when and why you get angry. You get angry,when everything that is related to you does not working good enough to make you satisfied or happy.
Anger never leads a good result, sometime it may makes you violent and when you get violent you can do harms to yourself and others and break stuff.

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