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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Looking at the Pathsala town road by JItu Das

Pathsala town,Assam, India
Pathsala town,Assam,India

We all live in our world, different peopld we import in our world and with those people we spend our time,not caring about the world and the other people. Yet, a new bride,(Hindu) when look at me as I was walking the road, it touched me, a mysterious look she had, two curious eyes and a thin body. It was nothing more than a look, but, then it struck me that how small my world is. I live in a small world, I wish I knew about her, passing through medical road with her mother wearing white, because her husband has died. There is a world, where our all the little worlds unite. But, alas, we don't live in that big world, we are busy in my small world, not caring about the people, and we call them Unknown.

Where am I ? I am in a saloon to have a hair cut, I am sitting now in a bench waiting for my turn. Now I see Pathsala town road in my right side and I see people,it tickles my curiosity to see this great divesity of people. Where I am sitting, I see man coming, He looks like his age is 45, he asked about the price to have haircut.

What was I writing ? Yes, I was in a saloon waiting for my turn. I was watching the people, a whole real world was infront of me, there were people who were carrying people rickshaw in rickshaw, he was old, he was perhaps 60 years old, still he had strength to carry people, well there was a young married couple, the wife was talking in mobile and her husband was looking at the road as the rickshaw passed by. I saw a man carrying bags of cement in a hand cart, he was sweating, it is a very hard work, and in this hot days, it becomes a worst work. I couldn't see his face, he passed by me and I was telling myself that this is real world and people works very hard here to survive and I am lucky that I didn't have to carry those bags in a wooden cart, I am thankful to my parents that my life is not that hard as his. Then a bike passed by, I know him, he has a cloth shop, Then another rickshaw passed by, it carried an old couple, this is how we get old, every day, every hour you are getting old, when I was 10 years, my dream was to become 20 years old, now when I am 21 years old, I know, I feel it when I see my younger generation behave as young adults, then I feel that I am in my young adult and soon I will be an adult in society. You can't stop your growing, and you can not live forever. You have to die, accepting this true fact is never easy, who can say that he agrees that he will die instantly. We thin for a while, then taking a heavy sigh we say we all have to die.
Everything changes, our world, environment, our aim, interests. Time is the master mind , who plans everything. Time is changing my town Pathsala too. Time is changing me and the people. Everything in the universe is tending to see. Evolution is happening. Now, Scientist can clone a mice from a blood drop from it tail. Japanese scientist just did that. After 5 years from, where I will be, what would I be doing then. I don't know. Future is full of possiblities, past gave me memory, every passing second is past,past is what you can not get back, past is irreversible, every moment of action is present, I am in my home now, in my room, 1 hour ago, I was there having a hair cut by a Bihari barbar, he is from Bihar, he lived here in Pathsala like for 10 years, he can talk Assamese language fluently, even the curses !
Now, is my moment, you always have a choice to do or not to do. To do is always a better choice, saying yes always gives you an opportunity to do something, to create.


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