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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How can you find happiness ? and a poem by Jitu Das life poems and philosophy

What is happiness ?
Happiness is being happy in small things, because small things are the great things. Happiness is free in the world and yet very rare. Happiness is the balanced, calm state of body and mind, when you can enjoy every moment. Sometime, you can not find happiness and satisfaction, even if you get what you want. Man can never be satisfied, our desire goes on increasing, our greed keep up moving. If you are good, you would long to become better and when you are better, no you are not going to be satisfied, you would wanna be best then. Thus, our desire never stops, satisfaction can never be found in increasing material desire, yet, should you keep increasing stuffs in your life. You have already a building, you have 3D T.V.,P.C you have bikes, cars, you have all the furniture's to show off. Still, there is no satisfaction, while you are known as a rich, successful man. Now, you realise that, this is not what you really wanted, these are not bad things, but all man are different, must you too feel contented, with the stuffs, richly ornamented. Others are may be happy with the process of increasing stuffs in their house. But, why should you be happy just like them, all they is talk and criticise other people. There is nothing else they want to share with you, only, who is doing what ? Only they say how bad he or she is.

But, happiness can be found in little things or the little changes you make in everyday life. The best time to change anything about your life is now. You can't change past, but only the present. By changing your present, you change your future. What you do now, will define your life in next 20 years.
The change I talk about is little changes or choices. Everything happens in your life is a choice of you, except the borning part. You can not choose to be born, you just born, by the fusion of a brave sperm out of millions of other sperm. Every sperm has different DNA sequence, that means, every sperm is a different human being, yet they may or may not resemble you.
Everything happens for a good reason. I like to think like that. Everything that is happening with your life has a good reason too.
You must change the way you think a little. The best way to be happy is using your talent. You have to do what you find easy to do. You can never expect that happiness comes from other people. Happiness can be felt within, it doesn't come from others. You can be happy, be appreciating the beauty of nature. Nature is full of beauty, just appreciate and feel the beauty, if you can't feel the beauty , how can you be happy within. How can you find what road should you take in life, if you never search for it. How can you have happy relationships ?, if you are not feeling content in your mind by doing the work you find easy and beautiful.

How can you ever fall in love with someone truly,
if you have not fall in love
with yourself already.

To love yourself truly,
you need to know yourself completely.

To know yourself completely, you have to search who you are really ?
Such question must arise from within spontaneously.

To search the answer must by done by you,
no one can know who you are.

You already know the answer,
you just don't see it clear.

If you ask for truly, God will show you the way clearly.

How can you ever be yourself, if you never wall that road, your heart long for.

How can you find God, to show you the day,
if you don't have love and kindness for yourself, for nature, for people.

How can you ever go out and be free from all that is stopping ? if you love your prison.

How can you love the world outside ? If for you, prison is the world and the world is the prison.

How can ever your dream be true, if you tell to people.who brakes dream.

How can you ever be strong and brave, if you never trust your mind and body.

How can you ever fly away to the places of your dream ?
if you let the people cut your wings of desire every time.

How shall you can ever get your hope back again, if you think that people says right and your heart says wrong.

How can you ever be yourself, if you keep worrying about what people might say, what people might think.

How can you ever be fearless ? if you are too shy to go out of you house.

How will your heart be ever mend ? If you have lost your hope for a better future.

How shall you ever find your hope again ? If you think that everything is lost.

How can you find the meaning of your life ? If you think that you are meaningless being.

How can you ever be feel healthy in body, if you are always worrying about dying.

How can you ever be happy? If you don't make others happy, being selfish.

How can you ever love the people ? If you think there is only bad people in the world.

How can you ever find your soul mate ? If you have never believe that it is possible.

How can you ever be a human ? If you don't have true love and kindness for all people.

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