How to deal with people who hate you by Jitu Das

" Stay busy loving people who love you, not worrying and have a good will for everyone, even for those who hate you. " ~ Jitu Das.

The people who makes you feel bad, with their body langugage, talking style, they are not the people you should hang with. I find many people like that and I try to ignore them. I stay with the people who loves me truly, because when there are peoples in your family, friends who love you, why bother wasting your mood, who behaves like you are a bad person.
There will be always some people, who would make you feel bad about yourself. These people will try to show you, and make you believe that you are a bad person. They would treat you like you are worth nothing. Then what you should do about them, hate them ? Make them feel bad too ?
What should you do in that condition ?
I think you should ignore them, don't hate them, don't think about them. Even the thoughts arises, you should do you what you love. These thoughts are about may be what they think you ?Well, don't worry about what people thinks about you.why ? Because it does not matter. If you think, they are perfect and you are nothing, its wrong. No one is perfect, I mean no one. No one is complete or absolute.

My friend, my dear friend. Please listen to me. Whenever you feel like, you are a bad person, don't worry, no one is completely good. Everybody is both good and bad. Don't worry, when you are told that you are bad, because everybody has their own bad sides. Well, when some one make you feel like you are bad. Just focous on how good you are. Think about the people who love you, you will find there are so many people who love you. Then, count them, how many people love you, if many people love you then, its ridiculous to worry, when someone talks bad about you.
Who makes you feel with their behaviour, they are just showing what they have in their inside. If someone is rude, they have rudeness in their heart.. So, no matter who is rude with you, don't feel bad. Its a disease of their own, don't take it. They would try to pass it you, the bad feelings,but my friend, don't take it. Don't feel bad, just because some people gives you negative behavior. My dear friend, always remember that you have always a choice and hope. No matter what situation you are living, you don't have live there if you hope for better and if you choose to search for better than this. If in your life, some people are hard, rude , don't worry over,what they think about. Because it never matters, sooner you will accept, better you will feel. What matter is who love you, love them back with your heart. So, what ? You should hate those people who are rude, and who makes you feel bad ? No, I am not saying to hate those. I say, have love for everyone in your heart. But, what does it means ? I mean that have a good will for everyone, that doesn't mean you have to also hang out with them. It just means you don't do disturb them and when they need your help, you should help if you can. Well, there may be 10-20 people who are may be rude to you, but hey ! It doesn't matter all and should not also, so why feel bad ha ? Always remember that there are 7000000000 people in the world, so think again! If you are wasting your great life by worrying how 20 people are rude to you. It does not make sense. Its ridiculous, don't worry no more. There will b atleast thousands of people out of 700 crore, who would love you just the way you are. You don't become a bad person, just because 20 people may hate you, are rude to you. There are 700 crore, there will be always thousands of people who would love. You can always count me my friend as your lover.:-D
To deal with this situation : -
" Stay busy loving people who love you, not worrying and have a good will for everyone, even for those who hate you. " ~ Jitu Das.

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