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Saturday, June 22, 2013

What I think about women by Jitu Das

Kalpana Chawla was the first female atronaut of India. She was a great women and had a fire of passion to fly. The day the all the women will be educated,especially in the muslim countries,then there would be no poverty  caused by the capatalist mindset. The people would no more bear unjustice coolly. There will be poverty and war and nature destruction. I respect all women,especially the mothers. For me my mother and father is my god. I can't find anything real above them. They are the creator of this specific me. Women are the mother, sister and girlfriend just like men are the father, brother and boyfriend. Women have as much potentiality as man. But I find some of the potential women being faminist kind. Its just a tragedy that just like communism is ruined by making it a politics rather than serving mankind, faminism is also being misleaded to blame and hate man,rather than improving as a mankind. Both man and women are  the opposite gender of the same species Homo sapiens. Women can't develop without man, I don't understand  their faminist mind. I don't hate their ideal,but its just their revenge taking mindset makes them horrible. I think when a women hates man or thinks like she does not need a man, she starts to behave as a man. There are also people who are in the opposite of faminist,they are called misogynist,these peope think women are inferior to man or hates women or think them as evil. Most man become  temporarily  misogynist when rejected by a women.I felt the same when I got rejected because she already loved an engineer lover. Women are selfish, and they are gonna leave you,when they find better than you ! But why ? You will never find the answer in the books of religeon,thats why I love science, because it has only the  reasonable answers. Evolution says that, in a species the female chooses the best male who carries the strong genes(character),which will make the offspring a strong species to survive. Without the companion of a loving women, a man has nothing,just like that a women would become shallow inside without the love of her man. Thats why I support widow marriage,Raja ram mohan Rai was a great man of India who just not only supported the marriage of widow,his son married a widow. A women must not live without a life partner. Education is the only way. Real education of women will make the world a better place. By real education I mean,the education that does involves a person to do good to society and nature. One who think education ends after graduating from the school and colleges. What a person can do for his society ? He or she should not seek only earn money,but learn themselves who they really are,what can do best spontaneously. I have hope one day everyone will know thyself and be happy in the deep.

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