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Sunday, 9 June 2013

What is God ? by Jitu Das philosophy

1. Why the people of religions keep  advertising  the true love of God everywhere on the internet. What is that ? It is very annoying when people try to make money from manipulating their belief. I do not believe in God explained by the religions. I can't make people not believe in God, the idea of God has been around for more 2,000 years. I don't think that of people as fools just because they believe in god. They were taught by society, culture. But the people who are curious, they think, read and learn and finds that the religions are speaking all wrong, misguiding people. I do not hate those who believe in god,but I hate those who are fooling and  controlling  people. I mean millions of science teacher even believe the religions. I am angry with those who have every knowledge to deny religions, but they still believe in them. For me God is ultimate knowledge to find out what is reality.

2. The God I believe in :Truth is beautiful, truth is all I want. Give me scientifically verified truth. Truth clears the doubt, truth broadens my knowledge, truth is that we all want to live in peace by love and kindness. Truth is that we are all human, truth is that, the hate, fear to the people of different religion and country is made by the people of religions and politicians. 
My dear friend, religions are also made by humans, they are not made by god. so how could humans explain the creation of god, how could these people of religions know that,they are also like us, they don't have extra intelligence, do they ? 

3. So, the truth is science. Science is far more greater than religions. Science is the verified truth, science is the truth that is found through hard work by the scientist. Well, scientist actually enjoys it. The truth is that we are all same human bieng, I am not better than you, he is not better than me. We are all unique. 

4.Like I said in my previous post that to know god, you have to know yourself, because when you will who you are really,there will be no stress no anxiety. With a  peaceful  mind you will see the beauty of the world, you will be happy by just looking at the nature. The flower, the bees, the grass so green, trees so great, that give us food and oxygen. The birds singing in the morning. You will see everything that is going around you in nature all time. The sunrise,the sunset, the blue sky and clouds of different. You will find joy in everything, once you know yourself, and in the nature you will find god. The nature becomes more, the world becomes wonderful, when you will observe and seek the truth. God is nature, nature is god. 

5.The ultimate meaning of life, world and universe is God. God is in every element of the universe. We eat everyday to live and grow. But, are you not curious to know how we digest our food ? You don't have to be a scientist to know that. But, knowing the truth about  yourself  as a human being makes your realize that how amazing life is. So delicate our body is. Its not just a heart beating we feel, or the sensory organs that gives us the feelings, we are more than our sense can feel. There are so many ultrastructure inside us that we don't feel that via sense organs, that does not mean they are not there. 

6.The food( organic compounds, such as fruit, rice, corn, veg, fish, meat, bread and many more) we eat are digested by different enzyme( a kind of protien). To digest carbohydrate, protien, fat we have different enzymes and they are digest in different in the elementary canal, the canal that starts from our mouth and ends in our intestine. From the canal the digested food( now they become inorganic, such protien becomes amino acid, fat is converted to lipids, and carbohydrate is converted to glucose) and these small molecules than transfered through the blood to every cell, where these molecules are used to keep us alive, by burning the glucose and releasing energy. The amio acids are used to make protiens. Lipids are stored as a reserve. This is the basic of digestion, when I first learned about it, I felt amazing. I felt like wow ! There is a universe inside me, where the cells are dying, reproducing, and keeping me alive by releasing the energy that was captured by the trees from the sunlight, and when we eat food, the cells unlock that energy and thats why I am alive. So this transformation of energy that keep us all the living beiengs alive. Every animals have cells, I have cells. Every animal digest its food in cells, we human also digest our food in cells.

7.So, if you are wandering what I want to say. What I believe and I want to say is that,everything in the universe is connected. We eat the friuit of trees,we are dependent on the trees and the trees need the sunlight to produce fruit. So, we need sun for the food, light and warmth. So, science gives you the knowledge of this great connection.

 8.You can ask any scientist in the world, the would tell you same truth, but if ask the people of religions, they would give you different answers. Because, science is a verified truth, the answere is one.

9.And the religions give you different answers for one question, they are  mis truth. I don't hate these people, because they don't know what they are doing by dividing people, what the gain is meaningless. When science is uniting the people of the world, the people of religions and politicians devides people. 

10.Science can lead us to truth and show us the ultimte truth. The god I believe is the great connection of enegry that keeps me, you and all beings alive. There is another energy that you can create, that is called love. I believe, everyone in the world will seek the truth and learn to love everyone in the world. Because, they will find the truth we are all connected and we all need each other,they will eventually fall in a universal love.I hope, oneday there will no more war,no more boundary between the countries and everyone will live in peace &harmony.

Always Remember :-
1. God is not person, the idea of god should be used as the ultimate truth of the universe. It is more inspiring for who seeks truth about life,world and universe.
2.  God is nature, nature is god.
3.  God is in every element of the universe.

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