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How to find God by Jitu Das

God is universal love
If you are wandering from here to there, if you can't find peace, because your mind is restless. You know where you find peace, don't you. What is peace ? Peace is the absence of all bad feelings( jealousy, anger, greed) and bad thoughts( negative, annoying). Peace is what we need in life. Love will take us to peace. If you can't forgive the people who hurt you, you can not love. Forgive everyone, don't hold grudge. Don't love looking at their beautiful peace, love them because, they have a good heart, who are kind to others. Thus You can love everyone, some people might not love you at first. But, if you love truly everyone, no matter how hard someone is, that person will learn to love you. What is true love ? True love is the love for the whole universe, true love is unconditional love. More you love, more you will loved and thus you will be free from all your sadness, stress and  loneliness . And this is how you find peace.

But, how to love the whole universe ?

To love the whole universe, you must believe in god. To believe in God, you must know and feel his presence. Don't believe in god, if you don't find him. Search and then you will find him, and then become a true believer. If you just believe for the sake of believing, that is not true and pretending won't give you true satisfaction.
Only true belief can give you satisfaction. You must search for god. God will guide you along the search.
If you want to search for god, then you have to know yourself. When you will know who you are really, there will be no stress no anxiety and you would know the right path, that you should walk in life. When you will walk the right road in your life, you will find that, there is something, someone in your heart telling you, guiding you all along the way. Then one point you will feel that there is someone with you now, you are not all alone, the road you walk may be lonely, but, when you will reach your destiny, you will see the truth that god gives you what you want, if you deserve and want it from your heart. When you give love to the whole universe, the universe also give you the directions to reach your dertiny. The universe do that by giving you the instinct, your gut. Whenever you follow your gut feeling, it always happens good for you. 
So, my dear friend, I love you and I hope you love me too. To believe in god, you must search for him. To find god, you must know who you are really,so you can know the right way to go forward in life and then when your reach your destiny, trusting the guidance of the universe through instinct, you will know god and then you can believe in god truly and true love and true belief makes your life a great life, so that you can die with a smile in your face and peace in your heart.