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How to stop comparing yourself with others by Jitu Das

No one is perfect, so don't compare and be sad. When you think about what you don't have but others have, you will be unhappy and if you become unhappy about who you are. You may feel like you are not worthy at all, you may feel that you are good for nothing and you feel like you are nothing, you have no nothing good in you. But, hey my friend,you are just beautiful just the way you are. Whenever, you feel bad about yourself comparing with others, remember that no one is perfect, the people with whom you compare your everything, your face, your height,your voic, your entire body, are also not perfect. You are you, you are not to compare yourself with your imperfection with the other's perfection. Everybody has a good part. You have also a field of perfection that others are may be imperfect.
So, whenever you feel sad and down, whenever you lower your head infront of the people you compare. Remind yourself that you are also good in some work. Just like you can't open a lock without the right key. Your happiness, spirit is also locked in your soul, my friend, the key is to know yourself first who you are and then do the work, your personality matches with. And when you start to work you are good at naturally, you will never compare yourself with other and worry.

You may be are feeling jealous, anger, when others are doing work amazingly. Hey, you are amazing too, in your field. And don't be angry or feel jealous, cause you are not to do everything in the world all by yourself . Let others do what they love and are good at. And you do your work. Be happy for them, be happy for yourself, because, to be happy in other's happiness, and to be sad in other's misery, makes you a great man. If you have any grudge for the people, who can't see the beauty that lies in you, let the grudge fly away. You can never do anything, you can never walk your road, carrying a hidden grudge, an anger in deep, an ego. You have to let them go, you will feel lighter and you will see more beauty in the little that used to have no such meaning. It is hard, to let go grudge, your ego, but you must, you can never learn nothing new, you can never start new, with ego, a feeling that tells you, whispers in your ear that, you don't need no one, they need you. It tells you, you don't have to love them, they love you. Ego tells that you are bigger, better than other. It tells you that, you don't need to respect anyone, you are just fine without love, family and friends. I believe that You will never be fine without the love of your family and other people, you will not feel the absence of love, when your people are there for you, but you will feel it, when the people are gone. So, love your people, other people and you will also be loved by the people and thats how you find peace and happiness. If you want the love of the whole world, then give true love to the whole world. And , my dear friend, if you feel love for the sun, moon, and stars and for the whole universe, you will also be loved by the entire universe. That is how, you make your life great by doing the work you love and loving the people and nature.
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