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Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to deal with the stress of life by Jitu Das philosophy on Jesus Daily facebook

 Whenever life seems to be in trouble, what can you do ? What can you do, when everything is happening wrong ! You are getting angry at yourself. You were happy yesterday, what happened today ? When everything changes in a day, your belief in yourself are trembling, when your dreams are collapsing. You may feel like these are the worst days of life. My, friend, nothing lasts, just like after every night there will be sun shining tomorrow. Sometime in life, my friend, you may loose all your hope, you may feel like inside your heart, your spirit has died. You may even step your feet in a shit hole, you may feel only depression and  loneliness , you may feel you are the unlucky one. 
But, my dear friend, even though you are going through a hard time, and you may feeling like loosing your mind, worrying about future and past. You may feel like you are going to die soon. 
My friend, if you are feeling bad, and you don't know how these bad feeling came because everything was fine. I think most of bad and sad feelings come out of the fear of uncertain future. Don't worry so much about the future life, let the life itself take you. Don't worry where life will take you, life always wants to follow your heart, but you are the one who doesn't trust his heart and soul. Soul is the energy that is the source of all your good feelings, happiness, ectasy , peace and harmony in your body and mind. When you let your life, follow your heart, your soul becomes full of good energy and then your soul give you the inspiration to be happy, to laugh, to sing and dance and run and what not. Most people doesn't trust their inner voice, the calling of heart, only heart can lead the way to peace. For me, I find peace in mountains, just watching mountains gives me peace. What is peace ? The peace,is the absence of all bad feelings and thoughts. You can never find peace, if you fear about uncertaing future. You can never live, if you fear death. We all will die oneday. If you are sick, don't worry, go to doctor, they will tell you how to recover. If you worry about, why you have to suffer from these, not others. My friends, go to a near by hospital, then you will see 100 of patients lying in the beds. You will see some coughing, some crying in adomen pain, some are taking saline, some are having operation, and many people died today . My friend, I guess, and hope that you are not sick, if you even get sick, don't worry, keep your soul full of good energy, and you will find peace in your mind and body. Let the fear go, be brave,be now what you have always wanted to be. Be good. Be in peace. Sometime some days are bad, and everybody in the world gets a bad day, where everything goes wrong. Don't be angry,when things go wrong, don't get depressed too. Because today is not the end of your life, hopefully. These is always a tomorrow to do things right, by learning from the mistakes of today. Hey, we all make mistakes, not just one time, many time, and thus we learn something. Don't be angry about yourself, whenever you make a mistake for second time. Important thing is to accept that you have done a mistake. Its okay to do so. Its not wrong if you make mistake and take the responsibility for that, but, its wrong to accuse or blame someone else for your own mistake. You can ask for help to fix things, but you should never blame other people for the mess you have made.
My friend, whenever you feel bad, whenever you feel you have lost the will, inspiration or strength in life, always remember, all the people in the world feel like that sometimes in their life too. I hope you can see the good things surrounding you. Don't be angry at other people, just because you are having a bad time. What you give to the universe, you get back. Its the Newton's theory of action and reaction. If you give love to your family and to the world, the world will give love to you. So, don't lose hope, trust yourself,keep moving forward with love in your heart to the whole universe. Your bad time will fly away like vapour, if you make others feel good. The best way to find what you want is to give others what you want. If you want to have good life, give other people a good life. If you want love, give love. If yount inspiration, give inspiration. If you seek peace, give peace.

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