Sunday, January 13, 2019

How to be free from our self imposed limitations by Jitu Das philosophy

Limitations are self imposed ! We put limit to ourselves because we don't really want to change even though you wish for a change. But you are too comfortable with your old habits, old self that you distract yourself instantly whenever a change starts to happen, whenever things start to happen in a better way, you distract yourself from that and you end up where you were before. It's really weird how our mind works, what is this cause of distraction or resistance that stops us from achieving our goal. Whatever that is you are now is not free from all the resistance, and the question is how to stop this and keep moving towards your goal ! Well it is bothering for a while and it made me felt weird when I notice how distraction came to my mind as soon as I started to learn something new as training to speed read, which is pretty cool if you h been a slow reader, I have been always a slow reader, slow reading is just not efficient in this fast paced 21st century, and there is this abundance of information about life, world and universe, and with slow reading you could not read much books and if you are a book lover like I am who buys all these books, hundreds of them and have not read them. I feel guilty for not reading these amazing books, just like hundreds of good films I haven't watched yet, I don't know what kind of procrastinating this is, when cinema is like my drug ! Is our limitations self imposed ? Do we limit ourselves unintentionally to remain forever unchanged and wishing to change our life. Change is not easy and everybody remains the same, even though they may act like they have changed. True change is not about killing the old self ,but rather a small step towards your trueself that is unique. #limitless #lifestyleblogger #jitudasphilosophy #jitudasquotes

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