Saturday, January 12, 2019

What to do when something bothers you to the level that you find no peace by Jitu Das philosophy

When something bothers you to the level that you find no peace, when someone have achieved their success and you are nowhere near your dream, and the struggle never seems to end, with every passing year, slowly a fear starts to rise, a repeated question that used to whisper  starts to shout, in that moment the pressure is just too much and you want to run away from all of it. You are angry at yourself because you are scared of theunknown, and despite knowing that you need to be patient, you feel like you are going to lose your mind, in that moment, what will you do ? What will you think ? You may feel like you should just die because of all the pressure and anger you have developed for yourself. Then again the  question is what should you do in that moment, even the bigger question is what should you think in that moment, because only your thoughts can redirect your actions, without the right thoughts, your actions will never amount to anything meaningful or towards anything positive that might help you find your balance. It is never easy fight negative thoughts because they are in a automatic mode in the mind, but to have a positive thought, you need effort. People may say that tboughts are not real and this will not help you anything other than self consolation. Well, they miss the point of self well being is most important, when things are not going great, you need to have patience, all that pain whether physical or mental, you need to have patience and know that it will end. Sometimes the pain is a part of our life, without pain nothing great is possible, even to heal ourselves, we have to go through the pain. So when you are in pain, know that all the pain is not bad, you are struggling to achieve your goal,there will be pain in the process.The pain of rejection, the pain of being alone, being misunderstood, being thought you are crazy to dream hat you are dreaming.Only thing you need to do  to break free when you have terrible thoughts coming on your mind is changing your focus from what you don't have right now to the things you have right now and look up to your highest purpose of life,whatever maybe this,let your highest purpose be the source of energy.

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