Saturday, January 12, 2019

What is the supreme joy by Jitu Das philosophy

Whatever keeps our mind occupied must be important. The inner whisper that talks about your desire must be important. Whatever keeps you awake and even in dream you see it, must be important. Whatever that maybe that makes you feel good about yourself even though you have not achieved mastery, must be important. Whoever never stopped caring for you for years, you must be important for them and all you need to do is reciprocate. All things are never going to be in it's exact desired state, but sometimes all you need to do is keep doing whatever made you felt alive and great once , then you might find the balance you need to have hope for a brighter future and this balance will keep you afloat even if there are thousands automatic negative thoughts and overdramatic thoughts. But if you are an empath, it will be not be easy for you, you will end up thinking why you should not have said something harshly to someone few months back, why you should not have said no to that person, what you need to help out the people in trouble, all these and one hundred sources of thought will keep coming to you like feedly feed. What can you do then, well only thing you can do is do what shuts off all the overthinking , doing which your focus is concentrated in a way that as if you are meditating, the thing I realized lately that meditation is not just sitting down and taking slow and long breathing, your work could be your meditation and it will declutter your mind like nothing else and it happens so naturally if you are doing the right thing that just fills your soul with pure joy. I think this joy is of supreme kind because it rises within yourself and you are not dependent anyone to find this spiritual upliftment. #spiritualawakening #spiritualquotes #jitudasphilosophy #lifehacks #lifephilosophy #philosophyquotes

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