Monday, January 14, 2019

What is the right relationship by Jitu Das philosophy

What is the right relationship !! A relationship where both can express their truest self without getting judgements, a relationship where both uplifts each other, a relationship where they are true and loyal to each other, a relationship, where noone hurts each other intentionally, a relationship where both are vulnerable to each other crossing the barrier of ego and false pride. A relationship where the love is more about being there for each other's need than being selfish need . A relationship like that is hard to come to by in a times like this, whoever have a true relationship should appreciate it and be grateful for it because not everyone have a relationship, many are dying to have a relationship like that. One of the things people do most in such situations is they compromise and gets into a relationship that just doesn't have that spark or passion, these relationship won't fulfill you, you will never be able to truly bond or make a connection at a deeper level where nothing else matters, not their look, race, culture, color, money or social status only thing that matters is the person. But many people are not going compromise these things ! But there are also so many people who is not going to listen to man made reasons, social norms, they would instead listen to their heart because hearts knows best what you really want. #jitudasphilosophy #lifephilosophy #love#loveandattractionquotes #relationshipquotes

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