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Friday, 15 February 2013

Are we losing our confidence ?? by Jitu Das

Taylor Swift singing

As the days are passing or it has quite some time now that human are loosing confidence within himself and others.Trust is very rare now. no body trusts now a days. Parents do not trust their children and children do not trust their parents. Most of all what worries me is the young generations, they have the minimum trust in themselves. now a days people have limited their lives in a virtual world, a tiny circle. I am not talking about internet circle. That circle does not that much in life. In the streets people don't look at each other.People have no time. In college, schools, teachers are distracted than the students. It seems so rare to see man or woman doing their work with passion. Everybody is doing their because they have to do, its their duty. Students do not learn,they memorize notes for the exams. Teacher don not bother to teach, they do their duty giving notes to their students. Some  politicians have forget what its like to do good for the society. As the each year passing, now its the 2013, month January 11, each year technology is advancing in way that its seems science fiction. The last decade was revolution-side by mobile phones, internet, android, laptops etc etc. Social networks, websites, blogs has completely changed whole the idea of communication, information and sharing. Now is the time of making easy money. No body wants physical work.
Confidence is always at danger by criticism and fear of failure. But the confidence must not get to low that you doubt yourself. Now some boys thinks listening to songs by girl,is girlish behavior, now they fear that if they listen to songs by female artist they will become female too. I got shocked by reading some comments on you tube. That is why I am writing this. A song is a expression of feelings just like talking but in melody, with music.Its purpose to amuse or delight a person who listen.The rhythm of music took away the tension. That is music therapy is vastly used today. You should always listen to good songs, it does not matter who sang the song a male or a female artist. Listen to some that touch your heart, purpose of listening song is always amusement, delight and inspiration. A song may make you feel bad by words, melody or music instruments like violin. A violin tune is mostly used for sad music, but a violin can also make you feel delighted, by its speed and rhythm. A guitar always used for happy country songs, romantic songs. A guitar is one of the great invention of human mind.Music of guitar is soft,but it still can rock you, and touch your heart. Sometime the sound of violin or electric guitar  may bother our ear, but a classical guitar can never. It has a magical attraction. So listen to any kind of music you love, and search for more,because there is so many more you will love.

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