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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My idea of a good teacher by Jitu Das philosophy

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The purpose of a teacher must not be just to give notes of the topics, but a teacher should make the subject interesting enough, so that the student go home with a curiosity to know more.
 Here some of the qualities a good teachers have : 

1. A good teacher never compares, for he knows it is a loosing game. Because comparing make the students feel inferior. A  good teacher never  not act as a superior to his students, but act as an facilitator, to help the students see the interesting and easiness of the subject. Because, interesting is the mother of education.
What a good teacher do ?

3.We have the general idea that he who teaches in the institutions like school,college and university. We call the teachers of college and university as a professor. The heaviness of the word Professor carries respect,knowledge. But, a professor is also a teacher,so a  good professor never act as a superior person who have all the knowledge.

4. The good teacher or professors are simple and friendly to his student.

5. A good teacher has the sense of humor with a positive outlook about life.

5. A good professor has the smile in his face for the students. The professor who has no interest in student is a false one. A professor who neglect his student and behave the students with sarcasm is a miserable one.

6.The basic thing a good teacher do to his student is that he  inspires not compare. Inspire to improve oneself,not put the students in a competition. Life is not a race. Because to think like that,now in 21st century is ridiculous, cause we are not like the other animals, trying to survive, because we are here on planet earth to thrive,to live. For me life is beautiful,a privilege. What is life ? Life is the most important,amazing, wonderful and mysterious thing we have. Life is full of joy,pleasure,satisfaction. Life has its ups and down too. But life should not based upon the academic grades and education is also not only in the colleges. A person is not only a good just because degrees,doctorates if he has no good intention to share and make others knowledgeable too. There may two things we need to find in our life,one is to find the true identity of oneself and a person with same personality. To find true identity oneself,one must be unique everywhere, you must not change your colors place to place. Its a great challenge in our life to be what we desire, to be who we really are. Some students are good at home but not in school or colleges. Its not because of lack of confidence,its because of shyness. But shyness is expression of the body of an unconscious fear of being laughed or joked by other people. So,if you are very shy,you  need  not to be,because your shyness is actually cutting down all the possibilities of experience you can have in life. 
(20/2/2013, 11 am.)

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