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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why the shopping malls are increasing by Jitu Das

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As the years passing, human are loosing the need for physical works, we want a robot that mops our floor. We don't wash our cloths, we have washing machine for that, we eat more cream, cease, thanks to the refrigerator, we can store them. The company are always advertising drinking cold drink is cool,why on earth we need to drink cold drinks, its not that we don't know that its bad for health. 20 years ago there was not this much of supermarket, and 20 years ago there were not this much of obese, diabetic, heart disease having people.The owners of supermarkets are growing and making millions every year, and controlling your life. I wondered why the number of supermarkets are increasing, then yesterday, when I went to our local pathsala bazaar  I realized why the cities have more supermarkets than the town. When I saw people bargaining about the cost of potato,fish and other. People bargained most about the cost of fish. As its our festival Magh Bihu is going on, last day was called uruka, on the day we show our gratitude's to "FIRE" by firing a meji.  When I saw people bargaining, I understood that people don't like bargaining, they like to buy fix prized rotten vegetable from shining supermarkets at a impossible rate. They don't like to buy from the poor, hard working farmers, cultivators, rather they would pay much more money to by unhealthy old vegetables from supermarkets. The supermarkets have caused the poor farmers and cultivators a poverty. From where the supermarkets buy the vegetables, fish and meat ?They buy it from the farmers at very low prize and sell it to the people at 200 % higher prize.You may not believe it but its true. But why people  don't like bargaining, but like to pay higher prize for a unhealthy, fresh-less foods at supermarkets. I think its because they are tired of working all day, you know that you never get tired of doing what you love doing. The problem with most people is that they are not working what they love or what they are capable of, they have settled themselves in the wrong jobs and they are not doing anything about it. The city has also  made the people crazy and stressed. Over population, pollution and sound has made the people tired, they neither have the energy to bargain in the local markets,nor to choose from the diversity of fresh vegetables in the local markets. So they choose the supermarket, where everything can be get in one place. The item of vegetables are also few, no bargaining. So, people are going to supermarkets, buying there. That is why the number of supermarkets  are increasing day by day.

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