How to make your life more amazing by Jitu Das

I love life, I enjoy living. Who am I. what is my goal, how to find your goal , evolution, what happened before big bang are the questions that motivates me read & learn. I write about Life, I want to know why a mother loves their children so much, and their children when grow up doesn't care about their mother, who is more important for a man, his mother or his wife. Most of the people are unhappy ! Most of the people are not doing what they wanted when they were kids, thats why they are not happy, Paulo Coelho said, wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. Most of the people on earth are angry because they have no goal, they never tried to know what is their goal, what they are good at.If a person could have his goal, he or she will have satisfaction, this satisfaction will change their life,they will be calm & cool.Life would be like a long ,fun holiday on Earth, I want you to have a good life. If people get what they would never be jealous, jealousy is like the rust in the iron, Most of the people on earth is jealous of each other. It makes people sad, behavior becomes rude.Wherever your interest is, there lies your good life. So,I think finding your goal is all you need to do, because if you find your goal, you will know yourself, its called self realization or enlightment. when you have this self realization, all your nagging thoughts will melt away.You will have constant satisfaction. If you realize your talent, you will know what to do do by yourself. If you want to know your uniqueness, you have to do some study, you need to travel, you need to read biographies of great people, you need to ask yourself what you are good at, The Only question which you will erase all your confusion, and that is -- What is that thing you can do all day, without feeling exhausted, bored, tired. Thats it, you are born for this work, What is work, work is the only great way to spend your life. What is life ? Life is that summation of your work or a series of events that happens continuously, you wonder sometime, what is going on ? what is Life. In simple, Life is the best thing you have, though you have never asked for it. Life is like a ticket to Disneyland, you enter, you have fun, see different things with the people you love, and when the day is about to end, you make sure you have all the fun, then you leave that Disneyland .


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