How to keep the passion of life alive by Jitu Das

If you have a interest in something, you will know it all the time. Only thing you need to do is keep your interest in that something, don't let die. Your interest is the inspiration, hope and one of the great reason you love your life. You
 keep it, don't lose it. If you are not getting what interest I am talking about. I AM TALKING that Your inspiration could be anything or anyone you love. Your love for someone, your love for something is the inspiration that literally keeps you alive ! Your inspiration is the reason you wake up, do breakfast, go to bathroom and you do all the things that you do everyday. Its something isn't it that keeps you running, don't get the wrong idea, it just food, its all about the energy comes from what you love. So what I want to say is that don't be afraid to fall in love, don't be afraid to fail in love. Do what you love, love whom you like. Its what you should do to stay happy.

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