Why you should have a hobby by Jitu Das

Live your life right now, do the things you love right now.Don't live in your dreams, live in reality. If you think deep down in your mind,what will you find that feels like real & live ?

 The only thing you have in your life is  "Life". The important thing in the whole universe is that right now you are alive. In the whole world only a few people appreciate that they are alive right now. I am alive and I do appreciate that.

My life is my god, it is whole source of energy for everything I did and am doing and will do.If you think a bit you will appreciate that you are alive.Well its not about being alive, its more,much more.Day by day its getting more than you can possibly imagine.Human intellect is growing every second.Technology is everywhere.Now-a-days kids are more smarter than we were.

 Don't ever think or say that you hate your life,you hate yourself, remember you never hate yourself because everybody love themselves, love their names.May be its your job that you don't like,maybe it your companions whom you don't like. I think everybody love the people who love them back but not everybody love back the people ,who love them.Its the truth.

When you love someone and that someone don't love you back, you start to hate that person, its true.Every life has its own reason.Everybody is important as much you & me. Because everyone is doing something and living.

This is how it the world works. Every work has its own value & importance.But when you want a job which is also your hobby.Some people watch  films , some listen music, some make chat, some go outside or play.some people make food, there is so may things that people love to do.A hobby is what you pay for or maybe not for doing something.Word is a place where good & bad things both happen.Everyday you meet people , some people make you feel good, and some make you feel bad, and you always think why did behave with me like that.But you know now that you shouldn't hang out or meet those people.

You must spend your time with the people those who love you, share their happiness with you and never make you feel bad.If someone even who is your friend make you feel bad isn't actually a friend at all.The most important fact about a true fiend is that they never ever make your fun or humiliate you.Just because some people doesn't like you doesn't mean you are a bad person. Just  believe  that there is always some true friends  waiting  for you.You gotta search for them.Its like You are in search page of  Google, you gotta search what you need. 

So I was talking about having a hobby, It can be anything you enjoy doing. I wouldn't ask you only What do you love to ? Because you love to do many thing and would love to do much more things. 

But my question for you is what do you do most of your time in a day or a week ?  What are the things you are doing and enjoying .For me I read books, watch cinemas and listen music friends,I love to chat with my dad and mom. I love to hang with my friends.I watch TV so much.May be more than anything I think in my white little brain. I can't stop thinking.But I would love to play guitar, violin, travel all around the world,marry someone who love as I am.

Take your time to think and know  about what are the things you are doing or what you did that you really enjoyed. More you know about what you are doing and what you are enjoying,more you discover your true self.

           We often have to do things that we don't love to do.Well its not fair to please yourself only. We must do things for others too even when you don't want to.I heard someone saying that bible says to do for others more than you do for yourself.I think to get the best by doing for someobody is not think about it all after you have help.

Everybody wants credit for their works, every creative worker wants to credit for what they have created, when critics give their credit, they love it, when critics don't give any credit, they suffer, But the great writer don't work for credit, they do that because they just love doing it, if they would have thought what will be review of their work they couldn't have done it so amazing.They do what they do for the satisfaction of doing...may be I am writing all these that why if you ask me why ? 

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