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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


If you have any fear , then its time to overcome your fear. Because it is the fear that stops you from taking action, without action you are nothing. So be courageous & overcome the fear. Fear is what grow anger , sadness, depression. In simple, fear starts from helplessness, which grows from absence of knowledge, so read as much you can. Being curious is the way to learn new things. Here in this article I am gonna write what I learned today. Its not just today I have been thinking for a week now ! Its about our fear, everyday we face in our life in many situations. First thing about fear is everybody gets afraid; but its all about overcoming fear. With fear there is no bright future, with courage you can go on the road which will took you to your life you always wanted to live. Courage is the positive energy which charge you to act. So you may want to know how to become fearless , To become fearless you need to follow this rule or steps or whatever but its worthy enough to follow if you want to be fearless~
At first you have to know that there is nothing impossible. Well, for every problem there is a solution.So, don’t give up, being persistant is what makes you able to keep trying although you have failed many time . Fear tells you how big your work or problem is. Fear is what makes you believe that its impossible to finish. But if you fear in life you cannot get what you want. will is a energy what makes us able to take action, when you get afraid , create a will of overcoming fear. But fear is fear, if you are afraid, overcome your fear. But how ?
Good question, ha ! I think among all the fear in the universe, ” fear of death” is the king of all fear. Everybody is afraid of death ! Even who wants to go to heaven don’t want to die. I am afraid of death too. I read in a book when I was 16 , that Understanding death is main and first thing Philosophy. The book ‘The importance of Living’ by Lin yutao was easy to understand. I read it in Assamese translated by Dr.Prafulla Kataki. So I was saying that death is the highest level fear. Do you believe that the monks and saints aren’t afraid of death ! I think they are afraid too but less than us.
But some time the “fear of getting ashamed” becomes more scarier than the ” fear of death” Are you getting where I am going with this ? Everyday thousands of people die commiting suicide, I think lots of them die getting afraid of being ashamed. Many students commit that because of this fear of getting ashamed when they fail or secure low marks. Many rich people commit suicide when they loose money ,getting afraid of being ashamed ,when he have to be poor now !
So , I wrote something about fear I know. Getting afraid is ok ! , but we must overcome the fear what makes us weak. Fear of death is both necessary and unnecessary regarding the situation. To survive its necessary but sometimes when this fear gets bigger you tend to eliminate the activity of fun. Such as going outside , travelling, bungi jumping, paragliding, rollercoaster etc etc. when they get the chance to do that. There are many kinds of fear, but the point is that we should know what do we fear to ourselves better. If you are afraid of something , don’t neglect it. Face it , because they say when you face your fear fear won’t face it. Try that , it always works. Have courage in your heart and you must know that you can become anything you want. Focus on your nature, others opinion doesn’t matter. Don’t try to be something else,
“Be who you already are . “:-D

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