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Monday, 24 February 2014

My ideas about dreams and doubts by Jitu Das philosophy

When you want something and when you get that something, you also lose something that you already had, it might be something you love. As the time goes, you forget about what you have lost and you get lost in what you have got now. But, time goes on and things become inadequate to your needs. So much things in the world, so much to do , so much to see. You can stay awake all day all night all your life and you shall miss so many things in the world and the universe. Do you know how  much time we spend sleeping,dreaming in our life ?? They say we sleep about 30 years of our life.

But when sleeping, we gain our energy back, our fatigue flies and we wake up in the morning all fresh and energetic. But there is more to it in sleeping. While you sleep, you see dreams. Dreams are so strange and so real that it can confuse you the whole next day. Some dreams are sweet and some are scary. But what these strange dreams means ? Everynight I get two or three dreams. The dreams comes to you when you are sleeping Rapid Eye movement sleep. In dreams, the world is similar and most of dreams are full of fantasy.
The purpose of writing this post is to tell you about my ideas about dreaming.

Its been couple of years that I have realised that I get dreams everynight. The one thing about dreams that shocked me and that these dreams knows the core of desires. You may find it hard to accept that you love someone or you want to be someone or be somewhere. The dreams knows who you are. The dreams telling you a story, where you are the protagonist and in that story you do things, you live your life you want to live in your real life. The dreams are not real ! But it is a great stimulated universe where your true, honest brave self live his life by being fearless. The dreams show you how does it feel it to become fearless. The dreams are not meaningless. I believe that dreams are very meaningful. The dream is a world where you are you but strangely in dreams you allow yourself to be someone, or go somewhere you always wanted to, to be loved by the woman you have needed, to do things you have always wished but always afraid of critics. 

There are reasons and there are no reasons behind why we do what we do, why we love what we love. To be or not to be. It is the doubt that somehow makes us catiuous, tends to protect us. Doubt is natural, there is nothing wrong in having doubts. Whenever you get doubts before doing something good then do it anyway, but when you have two good ways and you are now pretty much lost in the labrynth of doubts. To get of a labrynth you have to remember the path, to remember the path you need to mark it. Just like in doubts, mark the road that attracts you for no explainable reason, its the instinct of a man that changed the world to a man made world. The ideas does not come to you for definite reason, you do not have your life the way you have for definite reasons. Reasons are very important to you. You need to know why why and why ? Then we create a theory or a superstitions to satisfy our mind asking why. For years we believe that and then a scientist tells a new theory and then again a new theory. I am very grateful for the all people in the history who asked why and also gave us an answer. With each passing mankind is achieving a new milestone. 

What you want in life ? 

What you want in life ? You may ask what should you want in life ? If you ask me that, I will not tell you about what you should want, instead I would ask you to have good health,wisdom, love, curiosity, empathy, music, films, poems, novels, art, people and ofcourse money.
What if loving is the answer to all those why ! Love is appreciating someome regardless of her or his colour, race, religion, culture and age. Love is chosing to lose your ego in praising someone or something. When you love someone and she doesn't care or she loves him and he doesn't care. Can you keep on loving someone even after knowing its just onesided love. What was the purpose of love ? Wasn't love supposed bring you two together ? How can he keep living loving her ? Was love was meant for only loving and not to be loved. How can he love if he doesn't get beloved. How hollow that love would be ? That is why onesided love is sad, painful and hollow. Love is complete when he is loving her while she is loving him. That is when love brings them together fulfiling its purpose.


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